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Thread: Map size

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    Map size

    I have only played about 25 games, but my only real issue at the moment is that the maps seem too small/closed off. All fighting seems to occur in a small area which seems to limit strategy and skill. I like the concept and characters better than most of the other games in this genre, but the map size is really holding me back. Not to mention, many of my friends feel that the maps just make this feel like a "lesser" Overwatch.

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    The game is about positioning and team work tactics, staying alive and such, having a smaller environment means you have to worry about yourself more often and your team has to worry about you, there is flow to this game and dying hinders your team flow more then pleb tier overwatch. That is why there always a wall to duck behind, cover to get to, it is used to save you. Stretching out into the broad open gets you killed if you cannot run to cover and you learn this playing Fish Market with a good cassie lian, or kinessa on the enemy team. If you think having a smaller enclosed map is bad and tactless, how much faster can a pincer attack occur if the route is shorter? Front lines can cover and stress positions more effectively if they are small and enclosed rather then being open for them to be shot at from every angle, try playing a tank on fish market. The Idea to this game is if all goes well no one dies if good party coordination was adhered to. It is not some die a lot thing like overwatch, look at both in esports and tell me what you think. OW becomes a thing where you just die over and over again until the game is won.

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