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Thread: Open Beta 56 Patch Notes | August 9th, 2017

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    We need a Grohk heal buff! Did you played with Grohk vs. a Willo? There is nothing you can do!!!!

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    Willo can delete all Healing, so basically all healear can't do a thing against her... but her anti-healing is a zoning ability, as long as you place your healing somewhere else she'll do nothing dangerous.

    But I think Grohk sure needs some buffs... But not with his Totem. You see there are some cards that allows the Totem to heal quite a lot in one set (Crackle, Healing Rain and Totemic Ward). I play a full heal and as long as I have a Tank by my side I can do quite the work in frontlines. So I think in term of changes here's some things I find interesting to do :

    -So Grohk is one of the most underused Support... But he is the bulkiest in term of HP... I think... Hi-Rez should go this way and BUFF his HP base instead of his Healing. I play quite a lot of Grohk (My main with a 15 in Mastery)... And honestly he can pull a good work in healing his ally as well as taking some hit in frontlines. Making him a 3000 HP character ? That could be quite a bold thing to do, and since he is tied with Grover but a lot of people tend to play the tree instead of the orc because of his Axe and his escape (and Ultimate that heal a lot), simply make Grohk appealing with another aspect of his character to give him something different and interesting from Grover.

    -OR making Shamanic Might a card that increase his HP by 200 / 400 / 600 / 800 (instead of 100 / 200 / 300 / 400) for a max of 3500 HP (Yeah basically a Tank), but using the max of this card can be quite troublesome to work with the Healing cards so you have to choose more bulkyness or more healing.

    -Maybe changing Maelstrom into something different. Like reducing the cooldown of the Totem of 0,3 second per bouncing of the Shock Pulse.

    -Simply buff a little his main attack, instead of 75 damages every 0.1 second, simply make it 80 or 85.

    -Making Ghost Walk immune to CC. I think it is but it is not very explicit.

    -Adding to Totemic Ward "Your Totem has a bonus of 50% of its HP", the totem has a base of 900 HP, it is really easy to destroy. just buffing its HP a little to 1350 HP is already making it quite useful. Monolith Totem isn't affected by the change.

    He just needs one of these Buffs to be interesting to play again. And since Hi-Rez is trying to make underused cards more appealing, they'll probably buff the Shock Pulse of Grohk.
    As long as you can hide his Totem effectively, there is actually no problem with the character, and as long as you use Totemic Ward you grant your allies an immunity to CC for 2 seconds and that's quite useful. That may be his best Legendary... And his Ghost Walk makes him immune to some Ultimates if you time it right : Skye, Bomb King, Drogoz, Jenos, Ruckus, Makoa, Lian, Tyra, Viktor... None of them can actually hit you with their Ultimates if you use it at the right time. It's already an amazing ability, and add to his bulkyness in the Frontlines.
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    please help me i have a proplem the not work the game say launch error 30007 please help me

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    Hi Team,

    Great effort so for in developing the game, I'm a huge fan of this game.
    But after this patch i'm not able to join a single game in SEA server.
    Every time i join a game get kicked to main menu. Please fix this issue.


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    this game good but i must say, this game balance in competitive is a trash.
    so balance match making make this game trash.

    see, i have more balance match making like this.
    trash match making.

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