Hi, I'd like to suggest that you guys make a Nordic/Viking type character who could be melee, I know Tyra is Nordic herself (or I assume she is), but what about a big brony guy with a huge axe charging into battle or he could have a sword or a smaller axe with a shield (the shield could provide protection like Fernandos shield but maybe only behind him and not that big of a shield) and he could as said before have a charge ability, shield ability if he has a shield, swipe with the axe or sword, do like a roll do dodge (so he'd be more mobile also) and his ultimate could be him going berserk (he'd do more damage and take less damage but couldn't charge or roll). That is my suggestion for maybe a new champion who could have melee and I'm suggesting it cause I know Makoa's ultimate is melee based so there is a version of melee in the game already. Thank you for reading this semi long post.