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Thread: Please add jews as champions

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    The Abyss is paying lots of inspiration of typical hell characteristics, but is not hell.

    I know Ying comes from some sort of Heaven, but the fictional Heaven of the Paladins lore, and not the heaven we know here. Again, keep it fictional. But taking inspirations of other religions/politics is fine. Just don't be too damn obvious, like fucking Farcry 5. That game is going to be a dumpster fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EinMeister View Post
    We have europeans, russians, french, asians, black and goblin champions

    Why we dont have a jew?

    Btw what is /char and what it means
    Makoa is Jewish in my headcanon. The Realm takes place on Earth in the far future and the turtle people found Jewish books.

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    I just imagined Drogoz with payots and fedora hat

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    Well, Snek's god is clearly a real god, Wekono is actually solid snek is disguise, afterall, you can't spell Wekono without atleast several letters from his name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EinMeister View Post
    Israel looks like a cool country
    Uhm ?! .....................
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