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Thread: Zarth, The Dark Arts Shaman! Detailed Abilities!

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    Zarth, The Dark Arts Shaman! Detailed Abilities!

    Zarth, The Dark Arts Shaman

    [Zarth grew up in a small village of shamans, destined to become the king in place of his father. Zarth was very different then every other shaman in the village. Throughout his years growing up, Zarth took a non-traditional route in learning his shaman magic. While other shaman's were practicing on healing totems, Zarth was working on magic that pleased him. The days before Zarth was crowned king he became outraged with the fact that he could only use his magic the traditional way. Knowing the spot as king will pin him down he ran away from his village to follow his own path.]

    Unlike most shamans who prioritize healing and support, Zarth uses his magic for evil.

    Playstyle - DPS Shaman Mage
    Health - 2400
    Speed - 380
    Weapon - Totems

    Champion Skills

    Left Click: Damage Totem
    - Because Zarth doesn't have a normal aiming ability like most other champions Zarth can place up to 5 totems at once. Each totem has to be a certain distance from each other to avoid totem stacking. This distance is close enough to where they can damage one enemy at the same time but has to be placed strategically. (Around a point, or along a route an enemy will take.)
    - An electric beam connects to enemy's passing by, dealing 90 damage every .1 seconds. Effective at Medium Range.
    - Zarth can place 5 totems down at a time. Zarth has to make sure he uses the placement correctly because once they are placed the only way to change ones position is by getting close to a totem and picking it up for reposition or if an enemy destroys a totem.
    - 2 second cool down on replacing a totem that was destroyed.
    - 1 totem won't do much damage alone unless it's ignored. You really want to take advantage of using all your totems and linking them in way that it will target enemy's at the same time. Picking up a totem that is not destroyed and repositioning will fix a totem without having to wait the 2 seconds cooldown.

    Right Click: Shockwave

    - Zarth slams his staff down sending a shockwave forward.
    - Enemys hit by shockwave will be tossed 25ft and slowed by 20% for 2 seconds.
    - Cool Down 8 Seconds.
    Notes: Very Good for controlling focal points. Whether that be putting an enemy in a bad position or forcing a tank off of the point temporarily. Also good for pushing an enemy into your totems and slowing them making those totems dish out more dps.

    F Skill: Ancient Pathway
    - Zarth has the ability to teleport 25ft.
    - A clone of Zarth will run in the opposite direction from where Zarth teleported from.
    - If the clone is killed a totem will drop in its place.
    - The totem will explode after 2 seconds leaving fire on the ground that's burns enemies.
    - Deals 9% of maximum health over .06s.
    - Cooldown 16 seconds.
    Notes: Since the clone runs in the opposite direction you can teleport away from a fight sending the clone back into the enemies. This will make enemies always second thinking if they should kill you or not.

    Q Skill: Zarth's Curse
    - Zarth places an invisible totem that is triggered when an enemy walks into it. The totem shows itself and animates into a scary face.
    - Enemies who touch the totem will be feared for 1.5 seconds causing them to run away from whichever side they touched the totem.
    - Cool Down 10 seconds.
    Notes: Good for forcing an enemy who decided to run past your totems to be feared right back into them. Also good for disabling one enemy for a very short time. Which could cause them to be killed.

    E Skill: Voodoo
    [Zarth hides away from the action an pulls out a voodoo doll of one of the enemys at random. Zarth enters the mind of that enemy and takes full control of that enemy]

    - Zarth leaves the fight or uses his ult at respawn taking control of a random enemy for 10 whole seconds.
    - If Zarth takes any damage the voodoo spell is broken and the enemy regains control.
    - Enemy under the voodoo spell takes 10% increased damage.
    - Upon use of ultimate you will hear a global evil laugh. At this point it is key for the flank to find Zarth and do some damage to break the spell or that enemy that was taken control of is most likely dead.

    Legendary Cards and Normal Cards:
    To be determined by devs for balancing.

    Please let me know what you think, I have put a lot of work into this. Remember leaving comments and giving this post attention also brings attention to the Devs! So if you would like to see this champion come true show some love! =D

    Most of my numbers and abilities came from knowledge of the game and using existing Champion's numbers for balancing.

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    Its pretty complicated, but good concept. It needs some changes and probably a real weapon. Idk.
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    the concept is good , but the ultimate is way too broken

    when he controls the enemy , does his allies have any way of knowing that he's cursed or not ? + can he shoot his weapon and abilities ?

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    I don't feel it.

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    I like the idea of the Basic attack, but if more than one Totem can lock onto the same target..that is far too much damage. The Ultimate isn't a bad idea, but I don't think it can be executed very well. One is it is random based and you might end up "Possesing" that Flank that is at 100HP and is fighting against your team's full Health the Ult would be wasted. Not to mention, you would be completely exposed for your Ult.
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