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Thread: [Looking for group/clan] Lvl 40, EU, Casual/Competitive, PC, UTC+2

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    [Looking for group/clan] Lvl 40, EU, Casual/Competitive, PC, UTC+2

    Hi there!

    I'm looking for a group/clan(Or just friends) I can play regulary with, so far I have only played casual, but I feel quite ready for some competitive play for my current skill.

    I have almost all heroes at level 6, so I have a good understanding and overview of all champions, this is also a advantage if the team wants me to pick a champion that isn't my main.

    The main reason why i search for a group/clan are becasue I'm so tired of players not using common sense and not playing their role. Examples would be buying completely wrong items for a game, unbalanced teams, because no one want to play either front line or support(I'm usually the one of those, and it puts me in a bad position) and generally bad understanding of the game.
    Now I'm not nazi at this and won't yell at my friends if they do a bad game, because I have bad games as well. In most cases, the other team are just better than us.

    I try to play a few hours daily, the same for weekends with slightly more online hours. For weekdays you can expect me online between 15:00 CET to 21:00 CET

    If you are organised trough discord, that awesome. TS3 works, but meh...(Discord are way better)
    Open for voice chat, altough my english speaking isn't good at all.
    It should also be said that my connection isn't the best, often I choose to not play becasue of it.

    Champions I currently want to main:
    - Makoa (Always aiming for "infinite shield", uses anchor alot to take flanks, decent damage)
    - Mal'damba (Working hard on his aim for heal, stun and damage. Will be better in time)
    - Cassie (Often the one with most damage)
    - Evie (Games varies alot from team carrying, to decent)

    I also enjoy and are good with:
    - Seris (67% Win with her, with 300% heal length I can spend whole games just healing)
    - Ying
    - Tyra
    but don't play as much, because I think they have "low potential"

    IGN: Tor95 - Feel free to leave a friend request if you want to team up
    PM me or post here if you have a group or clan i might join.

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