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Thread: Evie's "Over the Moon" Legendary

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    there's people who still play evie as the old one.
    the legendary card rework is to not make her more frustating and balance the damage and survivability part of her.

    and playing over the moon card means that you need a good loadout card to make it more rewarding and make more cleaver move before you flank someone, and not some psycopat blue hair girl that teleport one mil and 2 shot someone and then teleport back like something didn't happen. (i'm talking about perma bonus damage on low cd mobility that makes her 2 shot most of damage dealer without taking the risk and with the current change she only 3 shot damage dealer with good poke and survivability or 2 shot someone by sacrfice her good poke and survivability and reward her with infinite soar with killing frost 4).

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    Agreed damage bonus on this card is a bad idea. Instead of that it should grant cc immunity and cooldown reduction to soar. Thusly making soar versatile. Can be used for running or chasing.

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    The change suggested here would make that card (and Evie) super OP (maybe broken).
    I would suggest all of you to read what Eloxist has thought for balancing Evie again:
    I've finally found it!

    New to the forum? Have a look >>>here<<<! Some useful answers.

    Let them see how a game with shit-nerfed supports is.

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