alright so i play on all 3 platforms, but primarily xbox one because i prefer the way it feels to play paladins with an xbox controller, in fact i play on pc using an xbox controller and it is awesome practice to go against people with mouse and keyboard with a controller, so im wanting to get a competitive team for XB1 going so hopefully we can get into the next console wars tourney. I primarily play front line, but i make sure to play as all the positions with at least 2 champions efficiently so that strategies can get changed up if need be, mains are; Ash, Seris, Kinessa, and Lex. But in some situations i am just as good with makoa, grover, bomb king, and zhin. it all just depends on the group of people im playing with and what works best with us whether that be dual fl, balanced, dual support etc.. just reply here or add me on Xox one if interested;
gamertag is screamthepoetry