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Thread: Team Overlight - Recruiting/Forming (PC-EU)

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    Team Overlight - Recruiting/Forming (PC-EU)

    Hey there Paladins communinity,

    As an avid player, I have been playing this game for some time now and im looking to play competitively. I am looking to form a team to do this. The name I thought of myself for the team would be Overlight, but that is not set in stone. If you join, we would start with getting acquainted and then start from a place between ranked friends and comptitively teamplaying. We would strive to achieve the latter. (Team is merely just forming of course) and with that maybe even participate in qualifiers.

    My name is DraccerX, though I sometimes use just Draccer (for forums, etc).
    I have a ~4200 competitive rating and an ELO of 2100 (Check PaladinsGuru if you are not familiar with this). My honest actual estimate of my skill level would be 4500-5000 CR as of right now (and I look forward to improving that with you guys), but due to inconsistent teammates (I mostly SoloQ), I can barely climb the rankings.

    Would you like to start a team with me? See the text below.

    For your application I need:

    Your (first) Name:
    (for when we want to addres you as an IRL person and not a player)
    Team Name (TeamName [your name]):
    Birthdate (dd/mm/yy):
    Discord and/or Teamspeak:
    Paladins Account Level:
    Competitive Rating:
    ELO (You can find this on PaladinsGuru):
    Champions you can play as/roles you fulfill:
    Strenghts and weaknesses:
    (respond honestly please, I will find out anyway)
    URL of picture wanted in logo (imgur, etc.):

    How to know if this is right for you:
    - Do you feel as though you probably would be quite a higher rank, but due to inconsistent random teammates, you are stuck?
    - Do you have situational awareness, but for example find that your teammates don't listen to your calls?
    - Do you feel stuck at your ranking and are looking to go above and beyond?
    - Are you looking for, not only teammates, but friends to play with?
    - Do you wish to compete with a team against other teams competitively?
    If you answered yes, then this is probably for you.


    - At least a lv 50 account level
    - At least around a ~4000 competitive rating (higher preferred of course).
    - Ability to speak English WELL, not just 'enough'.
    - A (proper with no noise) microphone and at least proper hardware/software. This does not have to be perfect, but if you have, for example, a potato P.C., this is probably not going to work.
    - 16 years old+
    - A good mindset and willingness to accept feedback (no toxicity of course) on the spot.
    - A good attitude.
    - Discord/Teamspeak
    - Time (of course). It is okay if you are somewhat busy on weekdays (work/school), but you should be available for a fair amount of hours in evenings/weekends.
    - Must be living in EU
    *Exceptions can occur in consultation

    If you are looking to join, please respond to this thread. I will invite you to a discord chat and just ask you some questions, after which we will probably just play a game (or multiple).

    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I hope to learn from future teammates and I look forward to seeing you in-game!
    - DraccerX
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    I am fluent in English

    I am Level 261

    My mic is fine

    Discord: DarkGoku

    ELO: 3k, 4,7k comp. rating

    Mostly I play Fernando and Barik, but I can flex

    Strengths: If somebody watches my back, I should do fine.

    Weaknesses: I don't play Inara or Ashe

    My motivation is to play alot

    I live in Lithuania (+2)

    I've played like 1200 hours on steam.
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    Hey man, (well not going to give away my name like that, mostly privacy) but my nick is L3G3NDBR on paladins and steam, not into a team yet hopefully can get into one.
    I'm 19 and currently living in the UK so no problem with my English and my location.
    My account level 69, competitive rating is going up and down from 3800 to 3900 (now not so much have been unable for a while for reasons) and an ELO of 1700.
    I am trying to master all of the support class (moving slowly but steady) at the moment I play mainly with ying, damba, and learning more about seris. Can play frontline but not too keen into that.
    Don't really know what my strength is nor my weaknesses, but I am concentrated on what I am supposed to do and help whenever I can, also like to improve my skills so open to new ideas and feedbacks.
    Finally if you have read through all of this lol, my motivation is to become the best, and to compete against known teams (and of course) defeat them. And whenever we can play some other games to have fun.
    I think this sums it up so if interested hit me up and let's have fun and become the best team in Europe at first. (Then the world hahaha) (btw overlight is not a bad name for the team)
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