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Thread: Paladins France is looking for teams to represent the community

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    Post Paladins France is looking for teams to represent the community

    Hello sirs,

    I am Pytchoun fonder of Paladins France ( and Tournament Admin at eSports Wall (
    I contact you today because I am looking for teams and players to represent my community.
    I would like your team represent Paladins France as a Paladins Europe team.

    What is the purpose of this community ?
    - Building a strong and recognized community.
    - Regroup players and high level teams.
    - Help each other to evolve.
    - Have a high and common audience.
    - Deliver interesting and important content to Paladins players.
    - Offer players of Paladins a follow-up of competitive Paladin teams.

    So you will have understood that this is a long-term project that aims to impose on us in the sector and to be a pillar of it.

    Here is some images of what could be the jerseys of the community.

    If you are interested, please answer to me. Have a nice day.
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