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Thread: Looking for players to join a esports team based in NA region

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    Looking for players to join a esports team based in NA region

    As of now our team comprises of 3 members. We are looking for players who are serious about esports. We aim to contend in the NA spring qualifiers 2018. Of course if you are reading this thread after the spring qualifiers you can still try to contact us.

    We are looking for players who can man flank and frontline champions. We already have players who deal with damage and support champions and i play tanks.

    Speaking of essential requirements your account level should be 30 or above or so as that it should be 30 within this spring. And you shall also have atleast 5 champions with a mastery level of 7. Also you should be able to speak clear and audible english as communication during the match is important to strategize and execute plans in the game.

    If you are interested in our team,you can contact us through the following discord server:-

    You can also mail me at:-
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