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Thread: <EU> Looking for casual people to have fun with

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    Talking <EU> Looking for casual people to have fun with

    Hey fellow paladins,

    I am a veteran smite player and just started playing this game just because it was made by hi-rez, and i just love it! I have been playing solo or duo alot but this game would feel so much better with a group of people u can play this with. I am looking for people who have skype and just want to have fun! No level or playtime required, maybe in te future do some stuff competitive but first let's explore the game.

    Region <EU>
    IGN <PleaseGiveMeGems>
    Skype <swollennuts>

    Hope to see you soon

    (Sorry if i misspelled anything)

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    Hey i would love to join you.
    Although i did started like a day ago and i'm just lvl....but still if you wanna play send me in-game request .
    Or i can send you one if you don't wanna

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