Hello all you Paladinos and Paladinas!

With the cancellation of Paladins World Tournament for this weekend.... Sunken City Salt Presents: The Pseudo-Paladins Pre-Pre-Season Tournament for Pedigreed Persistent Players. A tournament that boasts a GLORIOUS GRAND PRIZE of a SINGLE High Five, some soggy Oreos, and a non-verbal "Congratulations" look from both myself and Kami. Of course the winners of this tournament will also have a team guest spot on the next episode of SunkenCitySalt.

This tournament is going to be a fully integrated International Tournament between teams from both NA and EU which means this will be the first time we see a larger tournament comprised of a variety of teams from both regions!

The PPPPSTftPPP will also be Shoutcasted and Livestreamed at Twitch.tv/IHOLDSHIFT through the eyes of participating players.

Current Outlook:
Matches will be played on Sunday
Check-in will start at the following times:
CET - 4:30 PM
GMT - 3:30 PM
EST - 10:30 AM
PST - 7:30 AM

Estimated Start Times:
CET - 5:00 PM
GMT - 4:00 PM
EST - 11:00 AM
PST - 8:00 AM

We currently have 15 confirmed teams with a couple of others pending based on the availability of their team. SO, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!
We will be using Discord to communicate between Admins and Team Leaders, so if you are interested please DM me (IHOLDSHIFT) on Discord to get more detailed information of how to join the interest form.

Even if you have confirmed your team will be participating YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO CHECK-IN TOMORROW MORNING/AFTERNOON!

For more information, or if you have comments, questions, or concerns please address SHIFT directly through Discord or respond to this post here.

We look forward to bringing the opportunity and coverage of more competitive Paladins gameplay to all of you in the competitive and casual community alike! We hope you all tune in and enjoy the first ever large International Tournament between EU and NA and we hope to see you in the Realm!