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Thread: How Hi-Rez Makes Games, and Expectations for Beta

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImBackSoufiane View Post
    Hi-Rez keep up we all love u
    Great to see stuff like this on the forums
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    Not trying to rain on the parade, but shouldn't this be removed or edited since Paladins is out of beta? could be wrong.

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    This thread makes me feel nostalgic, please hi-rez, don't delete it
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    Hi HiRezStew and Hi-Rez Team,

    We felt in love with this game for the simple reason of your bold/sincere attempt to do a great game following this guidelines.
    We (the community) knew that the game wasn’t perfect, but we doesn’t care, was enjoyable while last. We have defend this game over the Overwatch-Paladins clone controversy.
    We have played by years without missing a single day.
    We have support the game buying the Founder’s Pack, diamonds and skins because we believed that you deserved some kind of respect/support.
    We forgot and forgiven you about the rumble of OB44 and the introduction of the new currency (essence).
    BUT you have forgotten your own rules, you damaged your selves when OB64 was announced and more when at all light the community was by far against this patch and you continued pushing your agenda, the damage was DONE, no more trust, not more incentive to play a broken game that was one day our main game, after that you push your agenda again and launch Paladins Heroes of the Realm as a FULL POLISHED RELEASE of a buggy game and the BETA label was removed, various path later... 2.01 had risen as (TERMINUS, oh sorry no) the more imbalanced with bugs and glitches patch ever, and yet here we are, it is not like you don’t try to fix your mess time to time, Essence currency is gone, OB64 reverted; the Hunt; the Assembly of Champions but all this effort came too late in order to save a dying Game that has lost more than 15K base players in Steam the last 6 month and more than 25K from OB64 in 2017.
    I have stop playing as the current state will continues to push content/skins over quality, and yes I know you have to make money from somewhere, but without a proper game and it player base you can’t get any profit.
    What?? Are you now trying to do the right things, now you are fixing bugs, working in a better matchmaking system and bringing some kind of balance? Sorry but as I said you betray our trust on you, you damage your own image and I can’t tell by others but I will never buy/support your company again. Read your guideline again, and try to go to the bed and rest with your conscience in peace.
    Note: there is much more that I could/want to say in a better way, explaining better myself but English is not my first language, sorry about that.

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