I am actively looking for a new team with professionalism that i can offer. I am firstly looking after mates, that are in agreements with my requirements, calm, motivate, think that a team can not be set up and perform in one day. Im a front line players, mainly healer and roam tank, top 10 ruckus. 5k mmr IG, 3k2 guru casual, 2k6 ranked, 750h played. Started on the 7th February.

Previous team : Razen Esport [FR], Madcorps[FR] and plenty sub for alternates teams [EU]. In my previous team, i was the captain and leader in-game, able to shoutcall, strat, debriefing. By hiring me, you will find someone calm, enthusiast to complete your roster, and a reliable person as for to be on time, as for to be reactive in game.


Let me know