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Thread: I'm looking for a team

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    I'm looking for a team

    Hi all
    I'm pyxis a French paladin player and I'm looking for a team to make paladin competitions.
    I regularly play the game, my position is tank I can be available often enough to do competitions.
    Ha yes i am french and therefore i do not speak very good english but i understand english and know a little speak english.
    (I am looking for a serious team not a team that will last 2 days to answer me only if interested by my candidacy).
    Thanks for reading

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    I dont want to make a team with u because i dont play that much but i suggest you to play for fun.
    The things that u main,etc make u look serious
    Flanker with Maeve
    Steam Account
    I'm NOT german! Stop asking!
    I hate everything that have Evie on it.

    If Maeve would get bigger boobs, she would have bigger Hitbox and that would ruin her.
    That's why Skye is the worst champ right now, her ass and boobs hitbox is destroying her

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