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Thread: [PS4] LFT Front Line/Flank

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    [PS4] LFT Front Line/Flank

    Yo. I'm finally able to play comp but I'm sort of new at it. From the (little) experience I've had I noticed that most of the people I queue up with don't really work together as a team and as a result we lose the match. I'm looking for a good team to work cohesively together. Wins are more important than personal performance, amirite?

    I've still been getting used to playing competitive so my rating is actually sorta low. I'm not too worried about that right now because I can bring it up eventually.

    Front Line: Makoa, Torvald
    Damage: Tyra, Drogoz, Viktor
    Flank: Skye, Maeve
    Support: Pip, (maybe Seris)

    I mainly play Makoa or Maeve. As Makoa, I play best as a secondary tank or a flank but I can use Half-Shell if I'm the only front-line on a team. Hit me up

    PSN: DuckMD
    Discord: DuckMD#4493

    I'm available usually around 1pm-10pm, but that can vary. I also have a mic.
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