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SEA Invitational Tournament is a tournament where the best teams in SEA will be invited to participate and battle with the upcoming teams on the region. The tournament will have a two qualifiers (June 10 and June 17) with the top 3 teams from each qualifier will join the invited teams on the Finals that will be on July 01, 2017.

The invited teams for the finals will be announced soon.

Team Eligibility Rule
The tournament is open for everyone to join as long as they’re resident of the following six countries in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore)

Tournament Format:
Open Bracket Single Elimination. All games will be on bo3 except the Finals

Tournament Dates:
Qualifier #1 - June 10, 2017
Qualifier #2 - June 17, 2017
Finals - July 01, 2017

Tournament Schedule:
Check-ins at 12:00 PM SGT and Tournament starts at 01:00 PM SGT

Registration Link:

Top 4 teams every week on the qualifiers will receive crystal prizes.

1st Place - 600 crystals / player
2nd Place - 400 crystals / player
3rd Place - 200 crystals / player
4th Place - 100 crystals / player