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Thread: Top 5 [EU] Teams list with players

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    Lightbulb Top 5 [EU] Teams list with players

    1 st : District 69
    Players : Bugzy, Shipa, Perdo, Gerrah, Elvenpath

    2 nd : 50 shades of SNEK (there is not a big difference between SNEK and District69, but i've putten District69 as the first team because they won the last tournament)
    Players : Bird, Thiel, Bonkar, Laizy, SunCommander

    3 rd : WASD Sports
    Players : Creativs2, Kamyker, Mutustiina, Spunkki, Unbelivable

    4 th : Flash Point
    Players : CogCog, Fisheko, Faenex, Sephicloud, Cybe8

    5th : Burrito Esports (there is not a big difference between Burrito and Flash Point, but i've putten Flash as the fourth team because they won the last qualifiers, qualifying with the same points as Burrito)
    Players : Kowa, Simsiloo, Sleeppyy, NTBees, Slashwhine

    PS : I didn't make a top 10 [EU] Teams because the competitive scene in [EU] is very weird at the moment, most of the teams below top 5 are usually disbanding or not even close to the knowledge/skill of the top 5 teams.

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    Snek is probably better than d69, theyve been destroying them in the latter weeks of the qualifiers
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