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Thread: Community FAQ you should read if you're new

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    Community FAQ you should read if you're new

    I see 80% of threads are repeating the same questions over and over again, so I think it's a good idea to summarize all the answers in a single thread that newbies can easily read, instead of looking around for the whole forum, or creating more new threads.
    I am asking for the help of all of you: if you have noticed there are many threads on a single topic, add the question and the answer below (maybe also a link to a in-depth analysis in another thread, in case), so I can modify this post and fill the voids. If you find mistakes or similar, please, let me know.

    Let's help the newbies!
    Thanks for your collaboration.



    How to play Ash?
    I am a total newbie on the subject, too, so I've asked some skilled Ash players. A big thanks to all those guys, there, too many to mention, but have directly a look: link.


    How do I get Team Fortress 2 skin?
    You just have to play Paladins on a Steam account.

    How to play Barik effectively?
    Here's an interesting guide by xPurplexx, take a look! link


    Evie is OP!!! / Please, nerf Evie
    You can find here (link) a specific comparison between Evie and the other flanks. On top of that, remember that Evie is the champion who requires more skills to be effectively played. Actually, Evie needs a buff, maybe a lag compensation, just to avoid being killed while in the Ice Block, or after having left the area with a blink.


    Pis is a healer or a flank? / Many says Pip is not a good healer...
    Pip is a very versatile champion and can excel in many roles. He belongs to the Support category and he's specialized on healing and Crowd Control. You can choose the play style according to the loadout you're using.
    With Mega Potion legendary, his healing can be extremely high, since he has insta-healing [pure healer]. Catalyst legendary is more focused on damage and CC [damage/CC role], while Acrobatics allow him to be more mobile [flank role].
    Of course, "mixing" legendary and loadouts will bring you to less focused play styles (ie: Catalyst with a good healing-loadout will produce a good amount of healing and also a good amount of damage).
    Pip can be a great healer, it only depends on how you want to play him. Just a note: since many Pip-users don't heal the teammates, usually the other players in your teams would not be happy of your choice and frequently they would pick another healer. The best way to stop harassment to Pip's players is to clearly state in the "pick-a-champion" chat if your Pip is going to heal or not.
    An interesting comment, here: link.


    Skye is OP!!! / Please, nerf Skye
    Skye is a pretty bad champion, she's actually in need for a buff. She's a flanker, but she lacks of vertical mobility (this means that when she must kill enemy Kinessa on Timber Mills she will probably spend most of the game-time while running on the stairs); she doesn't have good cards for self-healing; she can easily be killed when using her escape-skill (F); she's squishy and, on top of that, every time she's exiting the stealth mode, you can hear a very loud noise effect.
    You may object that Skye is getting many kills: this is true, due to her high dmg burst and great ulti, but I can assure you that this happens only on low-level. As soon as you'll raise your player experience, you will find easier and easier to understand when she's coming, shoot where she's hiding and moving away after you hear "Time's ticking!". So, don't worry, you only need time to learn. Try to play as Skye for few games and you'll be able to understand how to easily get rid of her.
    A good summary here: link.
    How to deal with Skye here: link.


    How can I kill Torvald? / Torvald needs a nerf!
    Torvald doesn't need a nerf, he's actually pretty useless as soon as you can destroy his shield. The best strategy is to buy Wrecker. With Wrecker, you'll be able to destroy his shield very quickly. Buy some Wrecker (tier 2 is good enough) and he wouldn't be a problem anymore.

    I suck with Torvald, how can I be effective while playing with him?
    My Torvald's ability are equal to zero, but, luckily, other players around are better with grandpa than be (worse would be difficult ^^' ). So, here's a great guide by Harlequin98 for the Torvald's enthusiasts. link


    Resonance/Shatter/Bomb Ying is useless, HiRez should remove it!
    You're 100% wrong. Too long to repeat it here, so, have a look at the smart explanations by Nudgarrobot in this thread: link and below.
    Another enlightening calculation by Nudgarrobot: link.


    What is air-control?
    There are some champions with the ability to fly under specific circumstances (ie: BK while using Poppy Bomb). By adding air-control cards in your loadout, you can improve the responsiveness that you have to WASD while airborne.
    See this thread for further details.


    How do I disable auto-buy? / When entering the game, burn-cards are bought on their own
    Go in the "Options" screen (you can press ESC while in game or click in the low-right of the screen, when not in game), select the "Gameplay" tab, then go to the "Autobuy items" option. Change the value to "Disable".

    How do I disable VGS/Chat/Voice Chat?
    Setting the audio to 0 is stupid: you would not hear also the game sound. Just press TAB while in game, then click on the comic-balloon (it is near the "item bought" area) in the line of the player is annoying you. Problem solved!


    How do I disable auto-buy? / When entering the game, burn-cards are bought on their own
    See "Options" section.


    Does Nimble stack with the loadout cards?
    No, it doesn't, only the higher buff is applied. IE: Skye can gain 20% speed while stealth from a loadout card. If you buy Nimble tier 1 (a 10% buff), you will find Skye running at +20% speed while stealth, and at +10% speed when not stealth.


    How does Rejuvenate work?
    Rejuvenate increases the amount of healing you can get from OTHER players by 10/20/30%, for 200/400/600 credits. It is quite cheap, but it has several problems related to it.
    First of all, it only works from the healing given to you by other players (ie: Ying healing herself with her clones? No. Mal'damba healing himself on his gourd? No. Jenos receiving healing with his Relativity loadout card? No.). So, don't buy it, if you're the only healer around.
    On top of that, it's strongly nullified by Cauterize. If there is Cauterize 3 at the work, and your Seris is healing you for 100HP, you will received only 10HP. That Rejuvenate 3 is going to increase it of 10 x 30%=3. So, a total of 13HP. Of course Cauterize only last 1.5 sec, so if you aren't under Viktor/Tyra/Ruckus's fire, you can gain health after that amount of time.
    Is it worth it? Well, that's an evaluation that you should do. In the first round, it is surely a good deal, but as soon as enemy gets higher Cauterize...

    Life Rip

    Does Life Rip stack with the loadout cards?
    Yes, it does, but till a cap of 60%.

    Deft Hands

    Does Deft Hands work on Shalin, Maeve and Grover?
    No. Since they don't have a proper reload, this card doesn't work. Do not buy Deft Hands if you're playing as Shalin, Maeve and Grover.

    Does Deft Hands stack with the loadout cards?
    Yes, it does.


    What Bulldozer does affect?
    Bulldozer affects deployables, that is, everything you can put on the ground. This means: 1) Barik's turret; 2) Grohk's totem; 3) Ying's illusions; 4) Inara's wall and warden field. This card doesn't affect shields.


    What Wrecker does affect?
    Wrecker affects only shields. Those of Ash, Barik, Fernando, Makoa, Ruckus and Torvald. It doesn't affect Inara's wall: you need Bulldozer for that.


    What are essences/gold/credits/VIP points?
    Credits are earned during the game and you use them to buy burn-cards (Haven, Cauterize, Chronos...): their values is reset after each game. Here a complete list of the way to gain credits: link.
    Gold is earned after each game: the quantity depends on your winning/loosing, your personal performance and if you were playing in a party. With golds you can buy Radiant Chests, voice packs and some basic recolor skins.
    Essences are obtained by duplicated cards and by disenchanting the cards you already have. When you buy a Radiant Chest for 2500 gold, you will obtain 3 cards (also skins, emotes, voice packs, etc, but more rarely): if you get a duplicated card, you will obtain a number of essences based on the card rarity, instead. With those essences, you can then craft the cards you need. Of course, buying a card is more expensive than the number of essences you will get when finding the same card as duplicate or by disenchanting it.
    Attention: if you disenchant a card already present in one of your loadouts, you would not be able to use that loadout in the game.
    Finally, VIP points, introduced on OB58, are points you can gain 1) if you buy the VIP pack (one-time only purchase) with real money, for getting 100.000 points; 2) every time that you play (normally, 50 points when winning and 25 when loosing, plus 100 per week quest, without the boost // 150 per win, 60 per lost and 500 per quest, with the boost). You have the boost if you buy the VIP pack, for 70 days. Or you can purchase a 14-days membership with 200 crystals. All the details can be found here: link. VIP points are just used to buy cosmetics, like skins and announcer-packs. Some skins are VIP exclusives.

    I've found aimbot in my very first games! / I was super good at the game since the start, then, out of a sudden, I suck. How it is?
    This is because you are automatically matched against bots in the first games. Till you reach level 5 (on your account, not with a specific champion), you will be paired with other real players to fight against bots. This for letting you learning the game and be able to survive more than 10 seconds.
    Of course, bots have aim-bot to shoot, but they are incredibly easier to kill than real players. This has the consequences that, when you reach level 6 and start to fight against real people, you will feel the difference in enemy skills and probably start to loose a lot. Do not worry, it's normal, you just have to train a little.
    After reaching level 6, you can still play against bots by selecting the "training" option when queuing for a game.

    How can I mute other players?
    While in game, press tab. In line with each team member, you can find the icon of a comic-balloon and of a amplifier. The first one is related to the chat and VGS system, the second one to the voice chat. You just have to press on the icons.
    Since OB58, if you mute the voice chat of an ally, you are muting also his/her VGS. Pay attention to that, since you are not hearing also any game-related message that could be important.

    How can I enter competitive?
    With OB56, the Ranked 2.0 has come. All the previous requisites have gone and now, you just need to reach level 30 (the user level) and to have 12 champions unlocked. Yes, also level 0 champions count. If, even if you've reached that requisite, the Competitive queue is not unlocked, try to exit and re-enter the game.

    What? 12 champions? It's absurd, why I can't enter competitive before?
    Yes, you're right, it's absurd that you just need to play so few games for entering competitive. Why? Because for reaching that goal, you have played too little: you are not able to understand the game mechanics; you don't even have to unlock at least 2 champions in each category; moreover, you can enter competitive not even trying all the champions.
    1) you need experience to play your champion better
    2) you need experience to know how to counter other champions
    3) you need a full roster of champions already unlocked: in Competitive, you can't pick a champion already chosen by enemy team, so, what can you do if your team needs a tank, you're the last to pick, but Fernando (the only tank you have above level 4) has already been picked by enemies?
    That's why entering Competitive at such a low level isn't a good idea. And that's also why asking for lowering the requisite is an idea even worse.

    Why I cannot join Competitive if I'm in party with more than a friend?
    While doing your provisional (the first 15 games in Ranked), you cannot play with more than a friend in party. After that, you can party with up to 4 friends. If you are ranked Diamond, Master or Grandmaster, though, you will still face the "no bigger than 2" party rule.
    Why? Because if you are in a big party, playing with some friends on voice chat, speaking the same language, being used to play together, etc, etc, etc, you are getting a big advantage on the enemy team. Enemy team that, maybe can't speak a single word in English or another common language. So, your team can organize a group strategy, while enemies are even unable to ask "focus Kinessa, please!". And since there are few super high level players, the possibility you face another full-party pre-made is extremely low. So the option is forbidden.

    Why we can't switch champion during a game?
    Because of items and cards. If enemy team has a Torvald, your team would probably buy Wrecker and select a proper loadout to contrast shields. If then that Torvald is switched to, eg: Willo, the loadout and the items chosen would become useless.
    An interesting comment on this topic by OzzyOzzy.

    What is "Rotation"?
    Every week, a couple of champions are free for usage. You don't have to pay the gold needed to unlock them. You can use them in game, discover if you actually like them, trying different loadouts and gain level with them. Know that, after the week, they will locked again. You would not loose the levels with them, but you will be able to pick them again only if unlock them or the next time they will be in free rotation, again.
    Rotation champions do not count for the Ranked requisite.

    How can I equip a mount?
    Before starting a game, after you've picked a champion, there's an area under the image of your champion on a pedestal. There, you can see all the customizing option (voice, emote, skins...) and there's also the mount choice.

    How can I watch a friend's game?
    In the System chat, write
    /spectate nick-of-friend
    After 30 seconds (yes, you are not in real time, for obvious reasons!), you will be able to see his/her game. You are put in a 3-rd person view by default (move the camera with WASD+ER), but if you press number from 0 to 9, you can see the 1-st person camera of a specific player. No way to guess which number corresponds to your friend, you have to try.


    What does the health bar says?
    First of all, you shall set, in the option panel, the "Always show healthbar" option. At this point you will notice:
    1) enemy bars are in red
    2) except when they are out of range: in that case, they are in orange. Notice also that the bars turn orange as soon as your dmg fall off starts
    3) ally bars are in cyan
    4) but when they are subjected to cauterize, those bars are actually yellow. In this way, you will be able to understand the right time to heal them.

    The payload doesn't move, they must be using a cheat!
    Well, the payload doesn't move when there's an enemy contesting it. If you payload is stuck, then check all the bushes there around. Really, I am not joking. 99% of time, the enemy is contesting while in a bush. The other 1% is for an enemy contesting while ethereal/stealth (Skye, Seris, Shalin) or behind a corner. "Check always the bushes, first". It works.

    I need some basic info on a good team composition
    A good team composition is not only tank+healer+DD+flank+whatever. There is some more involved. In this post by DoarRaz you can find some useful info: link.
    A very depth analysis of champions, roles and chances to win, by loglinear, here: link.

    Do not rush alone on the point!
    So, you're in the middle of the game, just respawned and you make you poor horse run like like a moron right into the fight. Just to discover your whole team is dead/far and you are there to face ALONE 4 or 5 enemies, perfectly healthy. Guess what? Yes, you die. Then your teammate does the same. And die. And the other teammates. Die. Another one. Die... You just respawn to die again. What's the problem? Stop rushing on the point all alone, you'll be outnumbered.
    Wait for your comrades to respanw too, then go together on the point. Spam VVVG ("Group up!") and go there with the full army, in order not to stupid die when it's unnecessary.
    Original credits, here: link.

    Suicide on the point when needed!
    There's only a situation when it's not only allowable, but even mandatory, to die alone on the point and it's when there are just a couple of second left for pushing or capturing, and your entire team is in respawn. Rush to the point/payload and die, if needed: the only important thing is that you're able to gain the overtime.
    Except for that, do not rush to the point alone. Ever.

    How can I see if I'm doing well?
    There are tons of useful sites out there for giving statistics on your play level. OzzyOzzy has summarized them all in single post that needs your attention. Here's for you: link.
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    I've finally found it!

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    Very helpful thread for newbies (and even those who have been playing for awhile), thanks for making this. I should mention one correction though, backed up by the community page on the Paladins website (, that you no longer have to win matches as Barik in order to acquire his skin. I also know this for the practical reason that I have never played Barik outside of a a few minutes on the Shooting Range, and yet I have his full TF2 set.

    The description on the website simply says to play Paladins on Steam to unlock.

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    Uh, that's interesting! Thank you, I am updating the post :-)
    I've finally found it!

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    nice thread well done

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    The Skye portion of the FAQ cannot be emphasized enough! The amount of posts and threads on her are rather endless at this point, smh.

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    I'm trying to spam the link around. If you see people in need of help, just do the same ;-)
    I've finally found it!

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    Good job, Valkure!
    Hopefully, many beginners will have an easier start after reading it.

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    Good thread Valkure, thanks for taking the time to make it and I hope people will use it!
    I've been playing Pip... alot...

    Current Goals:
    • Level 25 Pip
    Status: 25
    • 3 500 ELO (Siege)
    Status: 3 611
    • 3 000 ELO (Payload)
    Status: 2 769
    • 200 000 healing with Pip (Single Game)
    Status: 186 146

    My IGN: zVersee
    Region: EU
    Stats: Click Here

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    Me too. Of course, I repeat that, if anyone has something to add, I'd be glad to edit!
    I've finally found it!

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    thanks for making this BibleThump

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