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Thread: Why no one picks tank? :(

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    I like all the ideas you're suggesting for tanks. A bit off topic, but what is your opinion on support class?
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    Yup, it is a good idea to make fronlines able to use the absorbed damage against enemy.

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    Like many people have already mentioned, a lot of times it can be hard or impossible to carry as a tank compared to damage and flank (not always). Personally, I don't like picking tanks often because I find it frustrating when no one will pick a support to help or they don't know how to support, or we have all damage and flanks but they don't do their job. If I know I have competent teammates, I have no issues picking any role because I do actually enjoy most champions when the team is playing the objective at the very least.

    I see a similar situations happening with supports as well. It becomes a revolving door effect, at least for relatively new players/mid level ELO. People don't get supported when they pick a tank and they are left feeling like they could of had a larger impact on the game if they had gone with damage or flank. When they pick supports, no one protects them or they lack a tank and again feel like they could of had a better impact on the game choosing damage or flank. This can associate playing tanks and supports with having less fun in matches, at least a few of my friends feel this way.

    I would like to see some more incentives to play roles though I am not sure what. Perhaps we could also have some more in depth targeted tips when playing certain classes based on a player's behavior that can better emphasize team play and fulfilling ones role within a team better. It would be nice if more people felt comfortable and consistently got the same enjoyment when playing support or front line as they do damage or flank.

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