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Thread: Open Beta 50 Patch Notes | May 12, 2017

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    Open Beta 50 Patch Notes | May 12, 2017

    Get Rekt
    Open Beta 50 Patch Notes | May 12th
    Beta Expectations
    PTS Instructions


    • Buck
      • Buck Wild
        • Accessory: Buck Wild Bandanna
        • Body: Buck Wild
        • Voice Pack: Buck Wild
        • Emote: Showman
        • MVP: Gunshow
    • Evie
      • Star Glam
        • Accessory: Star Glam Shades
        • Body: Star Glam
        • Weapon: Star Glam Blaster
    • Kinessa
      • Nova Strike
        • The Nova Strike Bundle will no longer be available for Purchase. You will still be able to complete your quests.
    • Sha Lin
      • Vigilante
        • Accessory: Vigilante Mask
        • Body: Vigilante
        • Weapon: Vigilante Compound
        • Voice Pack: Vigilante
      • Guardian
        • Accessory: Guardian Visor
        • Body: Guardian
    • CHESTS
      • REKT Chest
        • CONTENTS
          • Androxus: REKT Hand Cannon
          • Barik: REKT Boom Stick
          • Buck: REKT Shotty
          • Cassie: REKT Impaler
          • Grover: REKT Hacker
          • Kinessa: REKT Long Gun
          • Sha Lin: REKT Great Bow
          • Tyra: REKT Carbine
          • Viktor: REKT War Rifle
          • Spray: GET REKT


    • Announcer packs
      Players are now able to purchase and equip custom announcer packs that will alter the in game announcements.
      Purchase in Store > Items. Equip from Account settings.

      • Rory
        • As part of reaching 1 million YouTube subscribers we’re selling this Announcer Pack for 1 Gold!
      • Bomb King
      • Evie
    • Activity Center
      • New tab added to the Home Panel that will show Notifications that include recent acquisitions and Daily Rewards. Future plans include event information.
    • Champion Screen will now sort from Newest Items then Highest Rarity.
    • New layout for customize selection in Match Lobby. Equip selections will be highlighted.
    • Can now equip customizations directly after purchasing.
    • Improved Controller vibration feel for reloads.


    • Fixed issue with new players not getting prompt for Region selection
    • Fixed a number of language issues with cards preventing them from being used at certain ranks.
    • Fixed an issue with chat where long text entries do not display
    • Fixed Report System to allow for more than 1 entry line.
    • Champion AI when using VGS now use the correct button callout.
    • Fixed localized languages showing incorrect and unlocalized text at Keybindings.
    • Projectiles no longer consider shields for remote proximity distance (ex. Drogoz fire spit exploding on shields from far away)
    • Fixed accuracy of projectiles on clients to closer match that on the server
    • Fixed Grumpy Bomb and Salvo’s bonus damage to shields not reducing the bleed over damage to health


    • Test Queue rotation
      • New map: Bend
    • Standing near enemy spawn room doors will now cause damage. Deployables on the enemy spawn doors will also be destroyed.
    • On Stone Keep, the payload now starts in the center the capture point, instead of off-center
    • Jaguar Falls endzone moved back by 16 units
    • Shooting Range
      • Added a second patrolling Pip bot.
      • Added a trigger circle to toggle the existence of the autofire Cassie bots. They are disabled by default.
    • Added push-success end of match cinematics to all siege maps
    • Moved Top Play location for Timber Mill

    • On Jaguar Falls, fixed a bug where the capture point was slightly off-center.
    • Fixed visual bug on Frog Isle where distant fog was disabled.
    • At the capture point on Fish Market, the tarps and second-floor crates are now symmetrical. The ropes no longer block weapons.


    • Androxus
      • Reversal
        • Bug Fix
          • Shots will no longer pass through Reversal while walking backwards

    • Bomb King
      • Legendary Cards
        • Demolition
          • Fixed a bug where sometimes shields would not be fully destroyed.

    • Buck
      • Reduced Maximum Health from 3000 to 2800.

    • Drogoz
      • Rocket Launcher
        • This Weapon and its projectiles are now Lag compensated
      • Salvo
        • This Ability and its projectiles are now lag compensated
        • Bug Fix
          • Will no longer fail to fire the full amount of loaded rockets
          • Salvo no longer gets interrupted when mounting
          • Salvo animation bugs fixed (sometimes not playing last shot animation, sometimes not playing other animations from the subsequent shots.
      • Fire Spit
        • This ability is now lag Compensated
      • Cards
        • Spitfire
          • Fixed spitfire to stack if hitting multiple players with the same rocket (maybe other issues too… not sure of the behavior on live)
        • Fixed Drogoz booster refilling twice as much booster fuel as intended through cards.

    • Fernando
      • Shield
        • Bug Fix
          • Shots will no longer pass through Fernandos Shield while walking backwards

    • Inara
      • Impasse
        • Increased deploy range from 60 to 80.
        • Now knocks up enemies slightly when deployed underneath them.
      • Stone Spear
        • Now has gradual damage falloff.
      • Legendary Cards
        • Mother’s Grace
          • Now grants debuff immunity.

    • Maeve
      • Pounce
        • Fixed a bug where Pounce damage was not correctly being mitigated by Haven.

    • Makoa
      • Dredge Anchor
        • Cooldown increased from 9 to 11.
      • Ancient Rage
        • Makoa will now gain increased health after 0.3s instead of 0.5s.
      • Now has gradual damage falloff.

    • Seris
      • Restore Soul
        • Cooldown decreased from 5s to 4s.
      • Convergence
        • Pull delay reduced from 1.5s to 0.5s.

    • Willo
      • General
        • Fixed Evie icon showing for Willo’s Title requirement.
      • Seedling
        • Added UI markers to the second wave of Seedlings.

    • Ying
      • Illusion
        • Time between Illusion heals increased from 1s to 1.2s.
      • Dimensional Link
        • Description corrected to no longer state that Dimensional link clears debuffs on use
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    Ouch It will be... HARD
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    Sick stuff Hi-Rez
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    I can live with all the changes... shalin skinz look sick!
    Disappointed no lex rework or cooldown reduction on barick shield.
    The drogoz lag compensations isnt that what they did for bk right before the began nerfing him ?

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    Great bugfixes, looking forward to the Inara changes.

    Still incredibly disappointed Retribution being imbalanced has not been addressed for will-be four patches.

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    I love how they are NOT revising Caut and Wrecker, and no Lex nerf, while adding lag comp to Drogoz but not looking into the state of Drops in nowadays. Even start to hate the poster girl Ying lol

    By the way, if you have fixed Andro's Reversal bug, then where is Skye invisibility bug fix?
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    I like the bug fixes and the Inara buffs, but otherwise, I have serious problems with this patch.

    1. Why buff Seris so much? She's not the healer that's actually suffering here...?
    2. Random Buck Nerf...? Should be a Lex Nerf?
    3. Sure I like the new indicators for the other four seedlings, but they should also nerf Dead Zone IMO.
    4. Makoa Morale Boost... Why do I see it being so broken next patch?
    6. I don't know why they're nerfing the healing of Ying. They should nerf the damage.
    7. Net Barik Nerf? Why Hi-Rez? (Net buff for Drogoz, Bomb King's new Barik demolishing tool...)
    8. Why nerf Maeve? I understand that fix needed to happen, but buff her along with it...?
    9. There are still bugs missing from this list. Hopefully they'll ship in OB51.
    10. Who cares about Grohk or Grover...? Nobody? -_-
    11. Why is there no Androxus nerf with the bugfix...?

    Balance-wise, next patch will be a nightmare. (Prepare for the "Seris must be on your team to win" meta, with Drogoz straight-up stomping out tanks.)

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    again... always focus on new skin pack... im not seeing bug fix for mounted issue/ not getting horse when respawn.. sucks as hell

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