Possible Wall of Text incoming, just be warned.

I feel like it's time to see some fascinating cards enter the Realm. I propose a variety of cards that will do both what is in Paladins right now, as well as some unique effects and new mechanics that I'd like to see to increase the depth of the card system.

While some of these cards gives additional punch in the form of damage, most of it should be situational. Most of these cards are designed around increasing the time to kill by afflicting enemies with weapon damage penalties, giving allies more HP, and by introducing overhealling, or giving champions new augments to their abilities, or patch some of their shortcomings.

The rarity of the cards will be denoted as: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary

New Mechanics:

Penetration: Nullfies a % of a target's damage reduction granted from items, cards, or ability effects.
Example: Receiving 700 direct damage w/ Haven 2 reduces damage taken to 602. With 50% damage penetration, Haven 2 only reduces 7% of incoming, instead of 14, increasing the damage to 651.

Armor: Gives a buffer of HP that absorbs 25% of damage received. Benefits are lost when armor health reaches 0. Not affected by out of combat regeneration, but is healed at 1/5 the rate of normal HP.

Overheal: Allows a support with the appropriate effects to heal an ally beyond their normal max HP to an overheal max HP. Overheal degrades at a rate of 2% per second outside of combat, stopping when the HP level reaches 100% of max HP (Normal max)

New Cards:

Androxus: Cursed Rounds [Weapon]: Headshots penetrate 25/50/75/100% of damage reduction effects.

Note: Rewards accuracy by allowing a skilled Androxus to negate Haven and deal more damage, without increasing the raw damage.

Barik: First Aid Station [Turret]: Allies standing by your turret are healed for 40/80/120/160 HP per second.

Note: Basically a Healing Station but works on teammates. This allows Barik to augment the main support's healing in the off tank role.

Bomb King: Shrapnel [Detonate] [Legendary]: Sticky Bomb damage penetrates 50% of damage reduction effects.

Note: Damage Reduction effects includes Haven, Blast Shields, Card Effects, and Ability Effects. This is not a raw damage increase, but this allows Bomb King to remain a threat to enemies using Blast Shields by nullifying half of Blast Shields' protection (3.5/7/10.5% instead of 7/14/21%)

Buck: Raw Strength [Armor]: Gain 200 Health, and all incoming damage is reduced by 5/10/15/20%.

Note: This card would make Buck viable as a mobile offtank, and allow Buck to survive encounters that go wrong until Heroic Leap comes off cooldown.

Cassie: Vital Arrows [Scout] [Legendary]: During Scout, you deal an extra 3% of target's max HP as bonus damage. Scout charges 20% slower.

Note: This turns Cassie into a tank buster during the ultimate. By using the ult and then taking out tanks or softening them up for other allies to mop up, Cassie can contribute to a team effort.

Drogoz: Miniaturized Ordinance [Weapon]: Gain 1/2/3/4 extra ammo.

Note: Allows Drogoz to maintain a more sustained assault on an objective.

Evie: Blizzard Warning [Soar]: Slows enemies below you while Soaring by 12/24/36/48% for 1.2 seconds.

Note: Promotes a more aggressive use of Soar, as opposed to the typical defensive usage of the ability.

Fernando: Reinforced Plating [Armor]: Grants 220/440/660/880 Armor Health.

Note: Armor Health would be a new mechanic to Paladins. What it would do is absorb 25% of incoming damage and reduce the Armor Health. So if you have 4000 HP and 400 Armor HP and take 620 damage, 155 would be absorbed by the armor and you would take 465 damage. You'd have 3535 HP and 245 Armor Health. Armor Health would not regenerate, and must be healed. This would give Fernando additional tankability on the frontline, where he thrives.

Grohk: Transcendence [Healing Totem] [Legendary]: Allies who stand in Healing Totems gain a bonus 1.5% to max HP per second they stand in the totem. Stacks up to 8 times and resets on their death. Self bonus is increased to +2.5% max HP per stack.

Note: This new card would give Grohk the ability to allow all of his allies to last longer in fights by increasing their raw HP. The Totems become higher targets for enemies to avoid the accumulation of Transcendence stacks.

Grover: Healing and Harm [Whirlwind] [Legendary]: Whirlwind charges 20% faster, but base healing reduced to 1700HP/s (total 12500 to 8500). Damages nearby enemies for 700 per second, and stores damage done to amplify the next Whirlwind. The charged damage will be added to the total heal of the next activation of Whirlwind.

Note: What this Legendary would do is change how Grover's ult works. It would promote more aggressive use of the ult, making Grover more like a champion who would charge onto the front lines. He would charge in, ult to do damage to the enemy and amplify the heal of the subsequent activation of Whirlwind. Basically makes Grover a front-line/support hybrid.

Inara: Sanctuary [Impasse]: Allies near the wall gain 10/20/30/40% damage reduction and 25/50/75/100% CC resistance.

Note: Turns Inara's wall into a supportive structure by making her allies greatly resilient to damage and control effects.

Kinessa: EMP Rounds [Weapon]: Carbine shots deal an extra 45/90/135/180% damage to shields. Takes priority over and cannot stack with Wrecker if in an active loadout.

Note: Promotes more use of Kinessa than just a "Stand in the Back" sniper. By granting this powerful card, Kinessa can easily counter Torvald, Fernando, and Barik just to name a few. Wrecker and EMP Rounds cannot combine, else Kinessa would be too OP. If Kinessa is using both EMP Rounds and Wrecker, EMP Rounds would take priority and Wrecker would be non-functional.

Lex: Judge, Jury, and Executioner [The Law] [Legendary]: Each kill with The Law grants a permanent 2% Cooldown Reduction per stack. Every 2 kills with The Law grants an additional 1 ammo. Stacks capped at 10.

Note: Makes Lex a dangerous snowballing champion if he is able to execute enemies with his ult. The way to counter would be to throw heals upon hearing "Noone escapes the LAW!" to avoid executions and the enemy Lex accumulating JJE stacks.

Maeve: Twisted Blades [Weapon]: Upon being attacked, you have a 15/20/25/30% chance to reflect 40% of the damage done. 8s cooldown between procs.

Note: Give Maeve the chance to turn burst damage against the attacker.

Makoa: Ancient Armor [Ancient Rage]: Increases the health boost to 6250/7500/8750/10000.

Note: Basically will make Makoa unstoppable during Ancient Rage, the boost needed to better hold objectives or take fire from multiple foes. However, a well-placed punch will STILL kill this behemoth.

Mal'Damba: Serpent's Agility [Slither]: Enemies that you pass through grant you an additional 7/14/21/28% movement speed per stack for 3 seconds after exiting Slither.

Note: This will stack with Otherworldly, and turn Mal'Damba into a high-speed support capable of deploying Gourds and Mending Spirits to his team.

Pip: Bombardier [Weapon][Legendary]: Gain 6 additional ammo, increases explosive radius by 35%, and reduces falloff by 25%.

Note: This will allow Pip to play a damage role as well as area denial through use of his primary weapon. The double cilp size allows for more sustained assault or defense of objectives.

Ruckus: System Reboot [Armor][Legendary]: Upon reaching 0 health, you are instead stunned for 5 seconds with a 2500 HP shield. If the shield is knocked out, you die. If you survive the stun, you are revived with 60% max HP and CC Immunity for 3 seconds. 60s cooldown.

Note: What System Reboot would do is grant Ruckus an additional chance to siege and defend objectives, effectively requiring Ruckus to be downed twice to be neutralized.

Seris: Nightfall [Weapon]: Increases maximum Soul Orb stacks by 1/2/3/4. Rend Soul's healing beyond max HP grants overheal up to 200% of your max HP.

Note: Allows for Seris to bust tanks with Rend Soul, and grants overheal for Seris, allowing for Seris to maintain a presence on the battlefield.

Sha Lin: Sand's Blessing [Weapon]: You gain 8/16/24/32% lifesteal. Can overheal up to 125% of your max HP. Life Rip is only 50% effective if on an active loadout.

Note: This card will allow Sha Lin to heal damage through accurate shot placement, and gives Sha Lin more presence thanks to increased durability. Unlike Kinessa, who can't use Wrecker with EMP Rounds, Sha Lin can use Life Rip if running this card, albeit at a 50% penalty on Life Rip's lifesteal to keep Sha Lin from being a lifestealing monster.

Skye: Weakening Poison [Poison Bolts]: Increases number of poison bolts fired by 2, and each poison bolt reduces outgoing damage by 3/6/8/12% per stack.

Note: This card would be a buff that Skye could use. Gives Skye more punch with Poison Bolts, and by reducing damage dealt to her team, a well-played Skye can be dangerous with this card.

Torvald: Power Drain [Weapon]: Targets hit by your weapon have their outgoing damage reduced by 10/20/30/40% for 1.5 seconds.

Note: This will give Torvald some power to mitigate damage by reducing the outgoing damage dealt by his opponents.

Tyra: High Huntress [Weapon][Legendary]: Applies Winding stacks to targets hit by your weapon. Winding increases damage from you only by 8 per stack. Maximum 5 stacks, lasting 5 seconds. Hitting a target with 5 stacks consumes those stacks to refill your ammo.

Note: High Huntress will make Tyra an extremely dangerous threat on a team. As long as Tyra is alive, she can inflict Winding stacks to make her weapon and abilities more lethal. Consuming those stacks to refill her clip makes Tyra a master at sustained assaults. This only affects Tyra to avoid this card being insanely OP.

Viktor: Flak Jacket [Armor](Reworked): Grants 150/300/450/600 Armor Health.

Note: Viktor's base HP would be raised from 2200 to 2400 to reflect my proposed rework for Flak Jacket. I explained how Armor would work in Paladins when I brought up Fernando's new card. This would give Viktor additional survivability above and beyond the current Flak Jacket we have in Paladins today.

Ying: Resurgance [Illusion]: Increases the healing of Illusion by 36/75/111/150 HP/s, and Illusions can now overheal up to 150% of the ally's max HP.

Note: Gives Ying CRAZY sustain with tanks, and by granting the ability to overheal, allows Ying to take advantage of the extra healing granted by Resurgance.

I cannot wait to see the feedback regarding these concepts, in regards to their potential applications in a match of Paladins, their balance to the other cards and Champions in the game, and just if the concepts for new game mechanics to make Paladins more interesting and more diversified. I'd rather have Hi-Rez remove the hard limit of 16 non-legendary cards per Champion, and give each Champion lots of card options. If you've got feedback, feel free to reply.