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Thread: Console Wars and Keyboard/Mouse users on Console

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    Exclamation Console Wars and Keyboard/Mouse users on Console

    *I've posted this in the console thread though I wanted to bring this topic to the esports section since it pertains to console wars, yes this has some small edits compared to the original post*
    I'm sure we are all aware of some Keyboard and Mouse users.(On console)
    I once met a fantastic player, I wanted to pick him up for my team though once I had learned he was using keyboard and mouse... I had to make a decision because I know the lan event will consist of using controllers. (Practice how you'll compete)
    Hirez what will you do to monitor such players? I bring this up because Paladins is a game where headshots make a difference, we all know how point and shoot works rather than using the sticks. This will cause issues during the Online Qualifiers for Console Wars because the hardcore console community strictly uses controllers rather than a keyboard and mouse. I don't want to claim it should be looked upon as cheating, but I for one refuse to play against potential KB&M players (especially during the qualifiers because we aren't on the same playing field). I suggest creating a patch where KB&M is no longer compatible via Paladins on console, if possible at all? Anywho, thoughts anyone ? Any other suggestions? HiRez?

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    I brought this up once and the answer I got was Sony would have to detect it, so basically Hi-Rez is powerless if what I was told is to be believed.
    But it should be looked as cheating. You want a Mouse and Keyboard play PC, that's it no argument for it.
    Console uses Controllers so anything but controllers should be viewed as cheating.
    A Mouse gives such a heavy advantage especially in a FPS.
    Even a person with garbage aim on a mouse would wreck the living hell out of a person who has great aim on controller.

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