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Thread: Fernando Tips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chewychipzahoy View Post
    With Reinhardt being one of my OW "mains," I took a liking to Fernando's playstyle immediately. However, I'm having a lot of trouble using him well right now. Any loadout suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated.

    My usual strategy is to buy either Master Riding or Chronos and get on the point with my shield up ASAP. If my team of randoms (yes, I realize playing quickplay is my biggest mistake) decides to back me up, we're able to take the point with minimal effort, or I'm at least able to make a quick exit and recharge the shield without anyone trying to assassinate me. That's all well and good, but it feels like Fernando is completely sunk without at least one teammate to save him once the shield goes down.

    Things wouldn't be so bad if he had any high-damage CQC abilities like Rein, but he can't seem to 1v1 even the squishiest characters. His LMB is alright, his Q has been nerfed to hell and back, and his charge is absolutely pitiful. I don't want him to be some unstoppable killing machine, but he doesn't feel dangerous enough up close to be considered a tank if you ask me.
    The mistake you're trying to play him like Reinhardt. His best Legendary is easily Scorch. Combing it with a fireball build, he can become a terrifying Flank/Tank hybrid, or more popularily named... FLANKNANDO! Of course his other legendaries are quite good, but they can be countered due to the existance of caut and wrecker. Flanknando on the other hand shoves a bunch of fire into your oponents faces, and it's difficult to react to. Its hard to counter a 5k flank/tank hybrid. At least, thats how I think/play him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chewychipzahoy View Post
    Wrecker doesn't seem like it's worth the credits unless someone else is buying it as well. Master Riding or Chronos still seem to work best for me in most situations.
    You're right, wrecker usually won't be worth it for Fernando. If you need to block heals,lots of Cauterize because he's great at it. If not, focus on Chronos and your blue item. Riding is great if you're dying a bunch, but wouldn't it be better to have your charge and shield ready faster so you don't die as much? Just remember to hit their squishies. BE the pressure you wish to see in the world :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by chewychipzahoy View Post
    Cauterize is useful, but not with my current knowledge of Fernando's kit. Plus, I can't max anything without the extra credits from eliminations, so I need to work on my Fernando basics before any of the bonus items will help me.
    Actually, maxing Cauterize is what can guarantee you elims. Since last Fernando nerf he does not have anymore built in 50% Caut on his Fireball, so buying that item and maxing it against healer and as Fernando is not optional - it's crucial. Fernando's basic attack is AoE, so he can tag multiple enemies at once plus he applies damage in ticks every 0,1 sec or sth, so as long as you are hitting enemy the caut timer (that 1,5 sec) is constantly reset.

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