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Thread: [SEA][EU] Bastet esports looking for recruits

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    [SEA][EU] Bastet esports looking for recruits

    Bastet esports is looking for recruits. Prefer tank and supp.
    Qualifications- lvl 50+
    Elo- we dont care about elo we will check u out for ourselves.
    Availability - we don't need u to be always online but u should be online at evening or night time. (Eastern time)
    You should be able to voice chat on discord. You should have basic knowledge about zoning and high grounds. Should be able to speak English (don't need it to be too fluent just be understandable.)
    If you're interested then join our discord.
    Or contact me on fb/kinaisahoe
    Regards - MonsterPanda200 Lvl103.

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    Discord link is expired, but I'd maybe like to join. I happen to be a support main, with tank as secondary role. I am lv 75 and am 2100~ ELo, but as you said, im sure you guys will see for yourself.
    If interested, contact Draccer on Discord and if not, let me know (maybe remove thread).

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