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Thread: The Chicken Patch Notes | Closed Beta 12 | 21st Jan. 2016

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    The Chicken Patch Notes | Closed Beta 12 | 21st Jan. 2016

    The Chicken Patch
    Closed Beta 12 Patch | Jan 22nd

    Closed Beta 12 hot fixes
    Beta Expectations


    • New Gamemode -- Payload
      • Payload is played on a new map called Outpost.
      • The game mode is simple: Attackers must attempt to push the Payload along the tracks to the Defenders base to win the game. Defenders must keep the Attackers off the Payload cart long enough for the time to run out. If the Attackers reach the checkpoints they gain additional time.

    • New Gamemode -- Survival
      • Survival is played on the same maps as Siege (currently Enchanted Forest and Temple Ruins) but with an added twist. This mode is round based, and during a round if you die you will not respawn until the next round. At the beginning of the round a capture point is chosen randomly to be the Epicenter. Deathly fog will gradually set in on this Epicenter. Standing in the fog will damage you, and as the fog collapses on the point teams are forced to engage. The first team to win 5 rounds wins the match.
    • Respawn Beacon
      • All modes except Survival now include a Respawn Beacon. In the spawn room there will be an exit and entrance beacon. The entrance Beacon will stay in your spawn room at all times, but the exit beacon can be picked up by anyone on your team by pressing “B”. Pressing “B” again anywhere on the map will place the exit Beacon and your team can use this to teleport to the battlefield after respawning. Be mindful where you place your team’s Beacon, as the enemy team can find it and destroy it. Likewise, be sure to hunt down the enemy Beacon to put them farther away from the fight!

    • Stealth Grass
      • All maps now have patches of stealth grass where players can hide in. These patches will hide you from sight as long as you are inside, but firing or taking action will reveal you.
    • Player Vision Changes
      • Teammates no longer provide shared vision of enemies through walls.
      • Shooting no longer exposes you to enemies through walls.
      • Silhouette outlines now smoothly fade in and out of view.
    • The in-match card drawing has been reworked. You will take your constructed deck into each match, but will only draw 2 out of the 3 cards from each rarity.
    • HUD
      • New health bar treatment with clear ticks of health for easy readability.
      • New skill bar improves the presentation of all of your abilities.
      • New card area
      • Beacon graphic shows the status of the beacon, including the player who is transporting it, it’s deploy progress, and its direction relative to you.
      • Minimap now shows the Respawn Beacon and the Death Fog (survival game-mode only).
      • An improved Team Status section has been added that shows your teammate’s Champions, health, respawn times, and Respawn Beacon iconography.
      • Reticule improvements:
        • Enhanced the reticule coloring to be more easily seen.
        • Added an ammo counter and reloading HUD animations for each Champion.
        • Added a prompt when you are able to pick up or deploy the Respawn Beacon
    • The death screen has been overhauled
      • A sleeker design allows for a clearer view of death information and of the battlefield.
      • Death recap shows per-shot details on the damage that lead to your death.
      • Shows the player’s name of whom you’re spectating and the respawn time remaining.
      • Death recap can be viewed at any time by pressing the ‘Y’ key.
    • Time between points in the Siege only game mode has been increased by 10 seconds.
    • The quick-select card feature responsiveness has been improved.
    • Fixed an issue where bots weren’t earning scores if they replaced a player in a match.
    • Fixed an issue where being knocked up could lock players out of firing.
    • Siege Engines no longer automatically suicide when they destroy a gate. Instead, they lose half of their health for each gate they destroy.
    • The speed that players ride their mounts has been reduced slightly.
    • Improved gamepad controller support in some menus and in-game.
    • Added effects when moving through a teleport or Respawn Beacon
      Reworked the overall scale of Champions to improve their visibility during gameplay. Some mounts may appear larger than others. This issue will be resolved in a later patch.

    Champions - Balance/Updates/Fixes

    • Ultimate System
      • All Champions now have an Ultimate ability they may use when they build up enough strength. Dealing damage or taking damage during the match will build up your ultimate charge, and when it reaches 100% you may fire your Ultimate.
    • Alt Fire
      • Each Champion now sports an ability on their Right Mouse Button.
    • Reloads
      • All champions have been given ammo clips and reloads. Mounting will automatically reload your clip.

    • Barik
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Turret
        • Build a turret that fires at enemies.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Barricade
        • Deploy a barricade that provides cover.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Rocket Boots
        • A guided rocket charge. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E] - Dome Shield
        • Barik deploys a massive dome shield that protects him and his allies from fire. Within the dome a flamethrower turret is deployed to ward off enemies.

    • Buck
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Recovery
        • Heal yourself for 650 Health over 4s.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Net Shot
        • Fire a net that roots a single target.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Heroic Leap
        • Leaps an incredible height and distance. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E] - Imprisonment
        • Buck creates a giant rock ring around him, trapping enemies inside with him. He has 50% damage reduction while inside the ring.

    • Cassie
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Blast Shot
        • Fire an explosive projectile that knocks back enemies.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Disengage
        • The next shot you fire after activating Disengage blasts the target backward.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Dodge Roll
        • Quickly roll in the direction you are moving. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E] - Scout
        • Cassie reveals all enemies on the map to her and her team for 8s. While Scout is active, Cassie deals +15% damage.

    • Evie
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Ice Block
        • Become immune to all damage for 2 seconds. Cannot move or attack.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Blink
        • Teleport forward a short distance. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Soar
        • Hop on your staff and take flight.
      • Ultimate [E] - Ice Storm
        • Evie launches an ice storm forward, slowing and dealing damage to all enemies inside.

    • Fernando
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Fireball
        • Shoot a ball of fire that deals damage.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Shield
        • Expand your shield to block 2500 damage. Cannot attack.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Charge
        • Dash forward. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E] - Immortal
        • Fernando and all allies nearby cannot be brought below 100 HP for 4s.

    • Grohk
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Healing Totem
        • Deploy a totem that heals nearby allies over time.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Chain Lightning
        • Weapon attacks chain to nearby enemies for 35% weapon damage for 5s.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Ghost Walk
        • Become untargetable and gain 40% Movement Speed for 2s. Removes debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E] -Tempest
        • Grohk creates a lightning storm around himself for 5s, randomly striking enemies every dealing damage and knocking back.

    • Pip
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Explosive Flask
        • Fires an explosive flask that deals 300 damage.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Healing Potion
        • Throw a healing potion that heals teammates when it explodes.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Weightless
        • Jump higher for 3s. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E] - Evil Mojo
        • Pip launches an experimental flask, turning all enemies into chickens for 4s.

    • Ruckus
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Emitter
        • Create an energy shield around yourself for 3.5s, absorbing 1500 damage.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Dual Fire
        • Increase your Attack Speed by 50%.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Hover
        • Hover for 2.5s. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E]
        • Ruckus applies a 3500 damage shield to all nearby allies for 4s.

    • Skye
      • Ability 1 [Q] - Smoke Screen
        • Create a cloud of darkness, blocking all enemy vision.
      • Ability 2 [RMB] - Poison Bolts
        • Bolts deal Poison damage for 4s.
      • Ability 3 [F] - Hidden
        • Enter stealth for 5s. Removes all debuffs on use.
      • Ultimate [E] - Time Bomb
        • Skye drops a large bomb that ticks down, exploding dealing 1000 damage in a large area.

    Cards - Balance/Updates/Fixes

    • The card system has been overhauled and many cards have been reworked or removed. We have not detailed all the changes for each individual card. We will however be resetting the card collections for all players, and granting chests for each card you earned before the wipe.
      • Legendary cards are now the only cards that provide any damage benefits, outside of the flat stats each card comes with. Since these cards are drawn first, the lethality of each player in a match will be more easily understood.
    • Crafting update
      • Players will earn duplicates of cards through various means, and each card rarity will have a value:
        • Common Duplicates are worth 1 CP
        • Uncommon Duplicates are worth 3 CP
        • Rare Duplicates are worth 9 CP
        • Epic Duplicates are worth 27 CP
        • Legendary Duplicates are worth 81 CP
      • Crafting can now be selected for a specific Champion. To craft, select the Champion you want to craft cards for and select the rarity. Crafted cards are now guaranteed to be unique (cards you don’t currently own). Crafting costs are as follows:
        • Common cards cost 3 CP
        • Uncommon cards cost 9 CP
        • Rare cards cost 27 CP
        • Epic cards cost 81 CP
        • Legendary cards cost 243 CP

    • Barik
      • *NEW* Zero In
        • [Turret] Turret attacks tag targets for 3 seconds. You deal +100% weapon damage to tagged targets.

      • *NEW* Mega Turret - Legendary
        • [Turret] Shoots rockets that lock on, extra health on turret, AOE damage.
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Epicenter, Targeting, Flamethrower, Capsule, Infernal Wall, Exhaust, Heavy Bomber, Pyromancer, Rigged, Promote, No Surrender, Fortification, Healing Station, On Guard, Rehabilitation, Siege Armor, Coming Through, Nitrous, Threshold, Stagger, Overdrive.

    • Buck
      • *NEW* Hustle - Epic
        • [Recovery] Recovery grants 120% movement speed for it’s duration.
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Tremors, Concussion, Rend, Acid Rounds, Sediment, Defender, Unsettled, Accelerate, Imprisonment, Blessed, Load up, Tracer Rounds, Consume, Celerity, Bully, Bounce House.

    • Cassie
      • *NEW* Duelist
        • Hitting a target with a Disengage shot Dazes them for 3s.
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Survival instincts, Lift Off, Grand Slam, Stalker, Blast Shower, Hunter Killer, Double Tap, Broadhead Arrows, Serrated Arrow, Tranquility, Sniper, Heavy Cord, Prey, Divebomb, Pinball, Stay Here, Far Sight.

    • Evie
      • *NEW* Resolve
        • [Weapon] If your shot does not hit a target your next shot will get +25% extra damage, stacks up to 4 times.
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Aftershock, Hibernate, Freedom, Fate, Handicap, After Image, Winter Hazard, Icicles,Impellent.

    • Fernando
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Bleeding Heart, No Retreat, Inferno, Front Line, Encounter, Collision, Backlash, Incinerate, Lance Strike, Front Line, Scorch, Titan’s Rage, Fortress.

    • Grohk
      • *NEW* Invigorate
        • Increase weapon damage by 40%. You and nearby allies are healed for 20% of the damage you deal with your weapon attacks.
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Spirit Steal, Blackout, Anvil, Planted, Conductor, Discharge, Electrical Imbalance, Overload, Cluster, Stimulate, Lightning Rod.

    • Pip
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Rupture, Panic, Poison Clouds, Acidic Ooze, Unstable Solution, Compound Reaction, Fortune Fury, Ambush, Tyranny, Caustic, Blight, Lob, Consequential.

    • Ruckus
      • *CHANGED* Warden - Uncommon
        • [Emitter] Increase the health of Emitter's damage shield by 800
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Bombardment, Projector, Fallout, Critical Mass, Sabotage, Harvest, Fortitude, Emergency Maneuvers, Taser Field, Kinetic Reactor, Lined Up, Soul Collector, Rush, Combat Station, Bullet Sponge.

    • Skye
      • Cards removed from the game:
        • Isolation, Re-entry, Circle of Life, Special Delivery, Adrenaline, Paranoia, Sticky Bomb, Lethal Dose, Innumerable, Biohazard, Killstreak, Collateral, Well Rested.
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    Harder than ever to get all the cards. No point to constructed decks. Ultimates, alt fires, and the various ability placements for each hero is odd and clunky.

    Down with Paladins 2. Long live Paladins 1!
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    Get rid of RNG cards again. Now.
    I stream Paladins daily at!

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    Wait, am I reading this right? Evie no longer creates clones??

    RIP Evie mains.

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    I really liked playing illusion Evie. Rip me :<

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    What a gross patch.

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    Everything is great. More options for teamplay, no illusion spam and cards are less important. Finally RNG is back in the game but i can see all the threads complaining about it already. I hope they stick with it.

    Also where can i find the artwork used in the youtube thumbnails?

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    Good patch, RIP Planted & Lightning rod for Grohk ;p

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    ayy lmao
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    I actually like the patch. Not sure about the RNG part, but we'll see!

    btw here a VOD of the patch notes show - it's pretty potato quality tho

    If a card is shared between two players on each team, that card is automatically cancelled out. For Example, if two Evie’s enter a match against each other and bring the card Safeguarded in a deck, neither Evie will draw that card.

    For the case both evies have the exact same decks.. what then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by schadstoff_ View Post
    I actually like the patch. Not sure about the RNG part, but we'll see!
    Yeah, patch is good besides the RNG(both the 2/3 system and the card blocking). I also don't like that they switched Grohk's abilities. I already had 1 ability on m2(Totem), now I'll have to switch my keybindings depending on what Champion I play.

    If they want a block system why not make the deck so that you can have 2 cards in it and the 3rd column (or 4th column in 3 card decks) are the cards the player wants blocked.

    Because there's nothing strategic about the block system they've put in, you can pick holes in it. What if people have more than 1 the same cards of a rarity(if it chooses 1 at random it will be far from tactical)?
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