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Thread: So Grohk's Lightning Staff damage was nerfed from 85 to 75 (patch preview)

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    I play hybrid Grohk. I have my healing totem and ghost walk on a super low cooldown, but I also use Maelstorm and some extra cooldown on shock pulse. I find it's pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nudgarrobot View Post
    Grohk can carry fairly easily, because to maximize his potential all you have to do is focus the enemy support and then all your damage becomes essentially permanent.
    Your M2 refreshes in combat state and hits anyone in LoS of an ally, applies a slow, and does damage. This, on some maps more than others, makes it nigh impossible for the other team to disengage and recoup their HP when their healer is down. I've gotten plenty of quadra kills on maelstrom grohk (The fifth is always stolen from me .-.) and I'd have to say this is why. Not to mention that his single target damage if you're hitting all your m1 ticks is actually pretty decent.

    With his incredible sustain from his M2 with Lightning Rod, coupled with the movement speed per enemy hit card(chasing op), he's healing for half his hp every second while moving at (iirc) 136% movement speed, refreshing incombat state for the entire enemy team while doing 5000 dps split among the team. With his totem and F skill as very safe "Oh shit!" buttons that can also provide a lot of team utility, he fills every core role in the game (Frontline, support, dps and flank.)
    If your team has good shield play, then you also have your ult which is a good refresher for your whole team, though I don't recommend using it all usually. Mostly gets you killed more than it does work.
    Guess I'll have to look up your Grohk matches and steal your loadout, give it a shot next time I play. Maybe I just wasn't using the right stuff (I was mostly just running the CDR card and the extra bounces one, forget the names).
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    Quote Originally Posted by PussehSlayerXXX View Post
    Lastly, I would like to say... Hardware does not determine the gaming skills.. I wish I could git as gud as Godly BurmaJones.

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