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Regarding Aim Assist: Right now there actually are unique per-champion settings. It's likely not super obvious because of the high level of customization offered as we sort out solid default settings. Cranking magnetism and assist to 10 basically drowns out the unique settings present. The team has been putting a lot of work into sorting out settings based on the data provided. Last patch Aim Assist and Magnetism were dialed back 9% each at the top end.

The big thing to remember is that everyone has their own unique preferences and styles, there isn't a magic bullet that will fix this for everyone. What feels perfect to me likely won't feel perfect to everyone else. We need to figure out good defaults for each champion from which to work and then settle on an acceptable range of options that allow the player to customize the controls to their preference without breaking the champion.

There's been a lot of feedback discussion, data analysis and focus on this

The biggest thing I'd like to convey here is that these settings are a work in progress and detailed feedback helps the team big time.
I completely understand what you mean.What Ive see from the 200+ hours of play time is aim assist on hit-scan champions are the major issue. Maybe have hit-scan only champions set on an unchangeable value? If you changed all hitscan to 5/5 I think that would give people enough help to hit shots, and still allow people to outplay one another.

On PC aim assist isn't customizable for the people who use mouse and keyboard. This allows for a lot of players to be able to outplay one another. I recently started playing on PC(aim assist set on 3/3 for hitscan champions) becuase using a controller on PC is actually easier to outplay people than on console.

I understand that casual players are always the biggest player base in any game. I just think a lot of people underestimate the skill level of console players.

I think the magnetism is a big part of the problem. I can feel the pull of the magnetism with it just set to 3 and when it's maxed it just glues to anything in front of you. Tracking isn't the issue, it's just the intensity of magnetism. making the magnetism a set value and unchangeable will solve a lot of problems. No other game on console allows you to change the magnetism in the game.

i know it's a work in progress and probably one of the hardest things you guys have to tackle. I bet it's frustrating when no matter what you do someone will be upset about changes, regardless of how much time and effort you put into trying to please everyone. I'm just trying to give my input and be unbiased.