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Thread: Feedback and Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoldayInCambodiA View Post
    Further to this, the inability to report griefers/afkers is a problem. PS4's in house reporting system is obfuscated at best, this is not a reasonable replacement. Pc players can report people, why can't we?.
    ^This. HiRez don't know as of yet, that PS4 reporting is only suitable for players harassing you in the Messages of Playstation, and can't investigate someone throwing in a specific game. This is where it ould come in really handy for us to be able to report people directly through the game. As of now, we have to file a support ticket, document proof of the happenings of the problematic user, then hope others go to such a length to fix this.
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    I would love to be able to spectate custom games directly on PS4/XBONE. Would make it much easier to host Console tournaments and gives console coaches a chance to actually help their team.
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    Random crashing and getting derseter for no reason on xbox... also randomly the custization will break and you cant change cards or cosmetics....

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    The currrent broken state of the game is just mind blowing. First of the surround sound needs to be fixed, then we have all the matches where you litteraly do no damage or healing at all, ultras just disapearing, champions using their ultras but no sound or animation going of.
    Controller settings not registering, so you have to head over to controller options for the game to understand you have changed it.
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