Since the one thing linked before didn't share any information on Mal'Damba's possible talents, I decided to share few of my own ideas for him... Four specifically, one for each ability.

~Magnetic Spirits~
"The spirits are with you, your mending spirits are attracted to allies."

-Basically, if you miss by a small amount, your mending spirits will still register a hit on that ally. One of the hardest things about Mal's mending spirits is well that it is hitscan, and due to a number of different things (be it player's aim, ping, allies running around like crazy people and bunny hopping, etc), it can be difficult to hit your allies, and usually you miss by a slight nudge or two. The idea of this talent is to help with that and also improve Mal'Damba players as a whole. Also, making a certain loadout card a lot less needed and more optional.

~Poison Fields~
"Your gourd now applies poison damage that does 150 dps for 5 seconds whenever it hits an enemy, but does 50% less healing to allies."

-Simple idea, makes gourd a bit more of an area denial weapon than before but also removes healing potential from it as a downside.

~Stunned for Death~
"You stuns may now mark the target for 5 seconds. Marked targets takes 15% more damage from all sources but are immune to all crowd control as well until the mark is over."

-Basically, allows you to mark a target so that your team can do more damage to them, but in return, they become cc immune as well so you can't follow-up with an ultimate or stun them multiple times as a team (ex: Stun with Mal then stun with Bomb King).

~Spiritual Protection~
"Successfully using mending spirits to heal an ally will reduce Slither's cooldown by 15% per second of healing done."

-I feel like Slither isn't necessary the best movement ability in the game but it is great to use in a pinch. So this specific card allows you to use it more often, as long as you're successfully healing. Remember, it is only going down based on healing done, if you attempted to heal a target already at full health, you get no benefits.

Anyways, those are my four ideas. Bad? Good? What you guys think?