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Thread: Solution for Google users to login to the Forum's page for Paladins

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    Lightbulb Solution for Google users to login to the Forum's page for Paladins

    I have come up with a solution to login to this vary same forum page without creating an alternative account. Some people may have figured this out already, but for those who don't know here is what you have to do:

    Step 1: go to and login with your google account

    Step 2: go to "my account" tab and look for your username, it should start with a U and followed up with random numbers, that is your username and you CAN'T change it. Copy it and save it for future reference.

    Step 3: make sure your email is attached to your account, if not do so. (it should be set to your email by default but i may be wrong on that) To add an email it should say "email" below your username on the "My account" page

    Step 4: logout of your account and click on the login screen again, BUT DON'T LOGIN YET, click the "cant login" button on the bottom and get sent an email to request a password change. (it may ask for your username, the username is the one that starts with "U" and has random numbers after it) it will send you a temporary password to that email.

    Step 5: login to your account (you can do so by putting in the username that starts with "U" and has a bunch of numbers, followed by the temp password, or by logging into google like normal) then on the "My account" page you will select new password, where you can put the temp password in the "current password" box, followed by the desired password.

    Step 6: go to this forum website, put the username as the "U" username (w/ numbers ect. ect.) and the password you just changed into the password box, click that captcha box, click login and bam! you just login, or failed. One of the too.

    Hope this helped!
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    Thanks dude this helped me a lot!

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    This helped me alot. Thank you so much. Now whenever I disconnect in Paladins, I can enter the new password in. Also whenever I want to write or reply to post like these, I no longer need to feel sad anymore, I can just do it now. Thank you so much for making this post, it really helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work!

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