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Thread: Troubleshooting Patching and Installation Issues

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    Troubleshooting Patching and Installation Issues

    I have a beta key, or purchased the Founder's Pack. How do I install Paladins?

    Step 1: Download the Paladins installer:

    Step 2: Use your existing Hi-Rez Account to login to the launcher. You likely have a Hi-Rez Account if you played SMITE, Global Agenda or Tribes: Ascend. If you do not have a Hi-Rez account, you can easily create one in the launcher.

    Step 3: In the launcher, after the game downloads, you will be prompted to enter your Beta Key. If you purchased the Founders Pack on our website, the account you purchased the Founder's Pack with is already authorized.

    Step 4: Enjoy the game!!!

    If you have an issue with the installation, please keep reading!

    I receive a “Waiting for Download” message

    This means that another Hi-Rez game (such as SMITE or Tribes: Ascend) is currently installing or updating. You can check this by clicking the gear shift in the bottom left and clicking the “Troubleshoot” button. All games are listed in the Installed Games section towards the bottom.

    I am receiving a “Version Mismatch” message

    This message means that one of your games is not on the correct version. Close your launcher and relaunch as administrator. If an update does not occur after doing this and logging back in, click the gear shift in the bottom left of the launcher > click the “Troubleshoot” button > click the “Check for Updates” button.

    I am receiving a “Failed to Start Authenticate and Update Service” message

    This message can appear in several forms, but there are a few key things to do for any Update Service error.

    First, make sure you are running the launcher as administrator by right clicking your shortcut and selecting “Run as Administrator.” If that does not resolve your issue, check to make sure the update service is actually started.

    To check if the Update Service is running, do a Windows search for ‘services’ and then look for the service called “Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service.” If the status of this service is not “Started” right click the service and select “Start.” If for any reason you are unable to start the service, reboot your PC and try again.

    It is also possible to simply not have the service installed. If that is the case, you will need to run InstallHirezService.exe from your redist folder of your installation directory.

    My “PLAY” button now says “FIX” and pressing it does not do anything

    When this occurs, it is best to follow the steps in the section above regarding the update service.

    I receive a message saying that I am missing pre-reqs or a specific file

    This issue can most often be resolved by re-running prerequisites. To do this, click the gear shift in the bottom left of the launcher then press the “Troubleshoot” button. Next, click the “Re-run Prerequisites” button at the bottom.

    If that does not fix the issue, repeat the process but press the “Validate/Repair” button instead.

    I am experiencing a different issue from above or the above steps did not fix my problem

    In the event that the above steps do not work or you are experiencing an unrelated problem, the best thing to do would be to download and run the following repair tool. After downloading the tool, it is best to right-click on the executable and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.
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