Need help now. i've been with this bug months and nothing helped me. Black screen appears when finishing a game. Things i've tried:
-Delete ChaosEngine.ini
-Play in other windows version (tried on windows 7 using a hdd partition)
-Reinstall the game
-"force-d3d9" in parameters
-Play without EAC
-Reinstall EAC
-Delete "paladinslive", "Paladins" from My Games in documents
-Delete ALL things from Paladins,EAC and Hi-Rez (launcher, game, services)
-Play in another account
-Format the computer
-Clean the computer
-Update drivers
-Change the ubication of the game (from D: to F:...)
-Playing alone (without group)
-Playing in another continent server
-Change IP

Things i've to try:
I don't know.

More info:
When i'm going to have the black screen, it appears in the chat (to my friend): " "Player" has been disconnected " or something like that. For my case is "Druoz has been disconnected"