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Thread: Help Purchasing Goddess Pack

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    Question Help Purchasing Goddess Pack


    I didn't know where else to post, and in other games I've played, I've found the community to be a quicker and still helpful solution to problems I have before heading to support. I saw the Goddess Lian pack when I was under level 40, but I didn't buy it at that time. I wasn't really good with Lian, so it was a waste. Now that I'm better at Lian, I know I lost the opportunity... but I see the deal has come up in the store in the game for me! It doesn't seem to have any level restriction, so when I click it to try and buy it, I end up at the main store page where I can only buy crystals or the battle pass.

    So... long story short... does anyone know how I can buy the pack or what I can do to make it appear for me to purchase?


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    well i just clicked the goddess pack and clicked the "authorize" button, and yeah it automatically gave me the pack, but maybe you should restart your game?

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    i have exacly the same problem , i switched on my smurf, and i just could buy it... but on my main i cant... can anyone help me? :-(

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