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Thread: WASD Sports looking for a person to fill out a manager position.

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    WASD Sports looking for a person to fill out a manager position.

    Hello community,

    WASD Sports is a newly created organisation looking to expand within the future eSports scene. We currently have one team in Paladins competing at a high level.

    We are looking for a person to fulfill the position of a manager for our professional Paladins team. The main requirements for you is to be
    • Fluent in english
    • Ready to dedicate a lot of your time for the well being of the team
    • Age 18 or above

    A plus on the side would be if you
    • Speak polish fluently
    • Live in Poland
    • Have previous similar experience
    • Are an analytic paladins player

    The obligations you would have as a manager under our banner for our team would be to primarily

    • Actively record practice games & review them with the team.
    • Organizing team meetings weekly
    • Reporting progress to the upper management weekly
    • Analyzing VODs

    if you think that you are the right person for this position please make sure to write us a message on FACEBOOK and like the page while you are at it

    Thank you!
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