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Thread: [TUTORIAL] How to use a PS4 controller for Paladins

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsNova View Post
    Okay, before I get started, I have no idea if it is supported by default. I plugged in my controller, and nothing happened, later I noticed that there was a setting "Enable Gamepad" (or something), and I checked it, still didn't work. If it IS supported and it works for you, you can skip this and go look at other stuff as this will not really help you.

    Let's get started!

    You will need :
    A DualShock 4 controller (duh)
    (If bluetooth is not supported on your PC) A DualShock 4 charging cable.

    First install DS4Windows.
    This shouldn't take long, and this is the main part in this.

    DS4Windows should ask you to connect a controller, so do that.

    Next go to the "Controllers" tab in DS4Windows, and make sure that it's connected and on the default profile.

    You're done!
    By default DS4Windows emulates a Xbox controller.

    Now you can play paladins with a PS4 Controller!

    If this doesn't work or I didn't explain it right, just tell me, I can happily explain what you don't understand
    Great! it worked for me the first day however when i tried the next day the only thing that seemed to work on my ps4 controller was the touchpad and nothing else
    do you know how to fix this?

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    Now thats what i call a Necro...
    Great that you used the search function btw.
    The OP wasnt online since december 2016 so he will most likely not answer. Please open a new Thread for that because all information herein may be outdated since years...

    Ill close here now.
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