Hey everyone!

This weekend kicks off the start of the Champion's and Challenger's Circuit. The Champion's Circuit is pitting the Top 4 teams in each region against each other over the course of 4-weeks where the team with the best record will automatically qualify for the $150,000 Paladins Invitational held at Hi-Rez Expo!

With one more spot to fill in each region (North America and Europe), that's where the Challenger's Circuit comes in.

Over the same 4-week period, teams will be able to sign-up for competition on Saturday's and Sunday's to earn a spot in the Gauntlet and fight for the final spot in the Invitational.

Here's how to sign-up:


  1. Find yourself a full team (minimum 5 players).
  2. Assign a team captain who will be the spokesman of your team.
  3. Assign a team assistant should the team captain be unavailable.
  4. Join our partnered Discord channel. Click here to join. Only the team captain is required to join the discord channel. (Please put your team name in your discord username).
  5. Both the Team Captain and Team Assistant are free to request their team role in the discord. PM one of the administrators for this. (Not required, but makes it easier for us to contact you).
  6. All done with signing up! Only thing you have to do now is wait for the check-ins to open. The check-in link will be posted in the appropriate channel, either in the #checkinnorthamerica channel or the #checkineurope channel. Click here for the Check-in times.
  7. When the check-in link is posted, the current Team leader/assistant has to check-in the team with the right information. after one hour the check-ins close and the tournament starts.

Europe - Saturday's

  • Check-Ins Open: 8:00am EDT // 2:00pm CEST - 9:00am EDT // 3:00pm CEST

North America - Sunday's

  • Check-Ins Open: 10:00am EDT - 11:00am EDT

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! @HiRezCooper