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Thread: Skye: Overall Veredict

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    Lightbulb Skye: Overall Veredict

    Alright, I was studying her for a long time right now before doing this thread. As you may already know, Skye is a Champion loved and hated by everyone, because she can go invisible, have high speed, and high damage.

    I'll first write up here, her Pros n Cons, before reaching into the veredict if she is indeed Overpowered or not.

    She is great at killing Damage Dealers and Supports who aren't paying much attention on their surroudings. Her DPS is amazing, even more with the Agression Item. She can kill tanks well, but she is better at killing Damage Dealers and Supports.


    She will lose in a 1v1 against all flankers but Evie if they are paying attention, being both equally skilled. Even tho, Skye will have the advantage to initiate the 1v1 if she is invisible.

    Androxus can kill her very fast with 3 to 4 shots depending on the range.

    Buck will kill her with 2-3 shots and will be able to tank Skye hits, if he is low he can use his HP (It's better to use after Skye use her Alt-Fire, otherwise you won't heal at all), if she tries to run, the slow will get her.

    Evie will get melted due Skye DPS unless Evie manage to have a better aim, if she gets hit by Skye's alt-fire, her ice block won't heal her up. Trying to escape flying won't help much, the best option is to blink, even tho, Skye can still run after you.

    Against another Skye is basically who are more skilled.

    Countering her Flank

    It's not that hard to destroy Skye's game you only need one person of your team to buy Illuminate and upgrade it to max level. It's a cheap in-match item, so money won't be a real problem. Paying attention to your surroudings will also help a lot to evade surprise attacks.

    Cassie's ulti also prevents for a few seconds to being flanked by her.
    Viktor and Drogoz can also easly kill her.


    Now we have the "real" problem everyone keeps complaining about. Some say it's easy to avoid, some say it's super op. Let's take a deep analysis here:

    Her Ultimate, is a bomb that deals 3000 damage after 4 seconds the ulti have been activated. It has a pretty big range (I don't know how much in-game units), almost the same as Grumpy Bomb from Bomb King, even more. Being behind any kind of cover high enough "will" stop the ultimate, and it will destroy any shield within the range.

    Some of the real problems I had facing this ultimate, but many are not even Skye's fault, and yet game mechanics.

    - In an open objective with no covers, you are doomed unless you escape, escaping will able the enemy team to take control of the point giving them advantage. There is no real way to counter the ultimate besides running. Look at every other champion, Bomb King and Drogoz, you kill them before you reach there, Barik, you kill him aswell or be brave enough to destroy the turret. Fernando? Leave everyone at low HP and finish them after the ultimate is over. Etc, etc.

    - Being behind covers is a counter right? Most of the time no, because many aspects, sometimes netcode, when you are behind a wall but you died and in Skye's cam you weren't.
    Hitboxes, sometimes saying you have a bit of you out of cover, or the cover wasn't "big" enough.

    In a few games I tried to hide behind the payload, the Ultimate marked yellow, so I though I was safe, but I died to the ultimate.


    Skye is a good flanker, with some skills to deny Heal and quick killing the damage carriers. She can be countered pretty easy with few in-match gold and good team coordination.

    But when it comes into her ultimate, it's a game changer, even if it doesn't kills anyone, your team will still be able to take control over the point/payload, since the other team runned away.

    My suggestion in over to balance her Ultimate, is to bring back the Poison mechanic (it was very easy to counter it with getting healed by the Support), and/or reduce the explosion radius.

    Or even give it more damage near the epicenter of the explosion and bring back the 5000 damage with the poison damage.

    Well, this is my overall opnion about Skye being Overpowered or not. Share your thoughts please.

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    "Being behind any kind of cover high enough "will" stop the ultimate, and it will destroy any shield within the range." Bullshit, I've killed many champions with it even though they ran behind a nearby rock. It has clipping potential. It also navigates heights which means a Drogoz who tries to fly away or a champion on a rooftop will still get hit

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