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Thread: Joining Paladins PTS and Contributing to Development

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    Joining Paladins PTS and Contributing to Development

    • 1. What is Paladins PTS?

      • A: Paladins PTS allows you to play the latest Paladins build early, before going Live. It helps the community work with the development team in receiving feedback and issues before it reaches Live users.

    • 2. How do I get involved with PTS?

      • You can download Paladins PTS through Steam. Existing Steam players will see Paladins - Public Test in their Steam Library.

    • 3. I have Paladins PTS downloaded, what is next?

      • A: After installation, players will be viewing the Paladins PTS Launcher, which will closely resemble the Live version of Paladins. Hit the "Play" button to launch PTS version of Paladins.

    • 4. Who am I playing?

      • A: You are only playing other players in Paladins PTS. Live players are only playing other Live players in the Live version of Paladins.

    • 5. Where do I report bugs and issues for Paladins PTS?

      • A: The same place where we report all of our other bugs, in the Bug Reporting Forum. Please be sure to inform the Hi-Rez team which version you are playing.

    • 6. Will PTS replace my game?

      • A: No, you will just have an additional version of Paladins installed on your computer. You can have both versions of Paladins Live and Paladins PTS installed on your computer at the same time.

    • 7. My PTS account doesn't look the same as my Live account. Why?

      • A: PTS accounts are copies from Live, however PTS will usually be on an older version of Live.

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