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Thread: Launcher won't open - how to fix

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    NOt working ! we need a solution

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    Thanks but i need help to fix this problem on my MacOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suspensorio View Post
    If you hit the Play button on Steam, and nothing happens, the launcher doesn't appear, follow these steps:

    1. Browse to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Paladins\Binaries\Red ist
    2. Run InstallHirezService.exe
    3. When it asks you to uninstall, hit yes, then close when finished
    4. Run InstallHirezService.exe again
    5. Click next and confirm, until it finishes
    6. Done!

    I believe that's a problem with the service not being installed, or something. This forces it to reinstall.
    The first time I installed Paladins, I created an account in-game (that was about 1 week ago). I played one match and then created a Hi-Rez account so I can link my Steam and Facebook accounts. I have logged0in and played on the newest account for the past days but today when I started Paladins. There was no Launcher, and also it didn't ask me in-game for the Username and Password like it usually does, it automatically logs into the account I created the 1st time. How can I log out of it? I want my Hi-Rez Account I have played all this days. (using your steps didn't help. Tried accessing directly the Hi-Rez Launcher but it says "Bad command line" )

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