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  1. Where is the Hirez laucher for Paladins?

    I uninstaled my steam version from paladins and now I want to download the Hirez laucher, but I can't find. Please, someone help me.
  2. I keep getting disconnected while in the loading screen

    Game keeps disconnecting me while in the loading screen. And I can't get back to the match. It doesn't show the login screen, or "player disconnected" screen. The game just throws me back to the...
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    The entire game is redownloading

    It's not an update.. the game is redownlaoding. Any help?
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    Problem with voip

    Me and my friend are having problems talking to each other in the game. We can't talk in the lobby. He's always muted in the game and have to unmute himself. Sometimes nothing goes well and we have...
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