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  1. why not remove carryover of ults between rounds?

    I notice that there is a lot of refusing to try to take the final point in both pro games and below.

    Why risk using ults, when we can just use it to get the point next round when it's more...
  2. this is a great idea. +1

    this is a great idea. +1
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    also it amazes me that you can think that...

    also it amazes me that you can think that "promoting teamwork" is more important than the fact that I just demonstrated that you can carry a person who doesn't belong in a higher rank (my brother)...
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    the reason they only removed it at higher ranks...

    the reason they only removed it at higher ranks is because at lower ranks it prevents smurfs from causing as much trouble and allows people to climb despite throwers.

    Moreover, overwatch still...
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    how to improve placement matches

    Recently there was a closed thread in which this complaint was made. I don't care to rage, so I just don't play paladins ranked after getting plat even though I already know I can easily get plat 2-3...
  6. please consider increasing cap timer for siege mode

    I really feel like I really enjoy paladins and would play ranked more if it weren't for two issues.

    One is that oftentimes even in pro games there is just one team fight for the 1 point that is...
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    sorry, realistically this has always been the...

    sorry, realistically this has always been the case in every game. it's impossible to design this many characters and have them all be balanced. it's even more unrealistic to think that talents will...
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    Sticky: not enough players that play paladins, so they...

    not enough players that play paladins, so they don't have much choice. it's either 20+ min queue times or play with people who aren't at your level
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    lol, I thought to myself "rage post inbound" but...

    lol, I thought to myself "rage post inbound" but then pictured ps4 players trying to aim at a koga blinking around them and laughed.

    yeah he's probably going to end up being broken on ps4
  10. please increase the cap time for siege mode

    I play this game a lot but I can't take this game seriously as a competitive game when I watch the pro scene and one fight determines the winner of the first point, but then the team wins 3 fights...
  11. stop making me win on my second account

    I can't take it anymore. I'm at least lvl 15, yet I'm still playing with complete noobs every game. How many times are you going to force me to win and wreck players that can't aim?

    I'm like 11...
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    Sticky: problems with matchmaker for second accounts

    So I made a second account to play healer/tank on since it's clear I can climb to at least mid-plat or diamond playing damage but can't do so playing healer/tank.

    However, I'm finding that despite...
  13. found some better loudouts which helped me quite...

    found some better loudouts which helped me quite a bit, but even so, another hitscan who sees you first is at quite a large advantage. I still have yet to die to a koga in a 1v1 as viktor just...
  14. feel like koga's guns are a bit underpowered

    is it just me finding koga quite weak? at least talus can get early lifesteal to make up for his squishiness and likeliness to draw fire, but I feel like koga's gun form is quite lacking at the...
  15. oh thank you for the useful information people.

    oh thank you for the useful information people.
  16. drogoz shouldn't get ult back when he gets shot out of his ult

    No one else gets their ult back when they miss. Also it promotes stupid gameplay.

    Like first fight, we cut the drogoz ult and win the team fight, but then second fight we realize we need drogoz to...
  17. why is bomb king top tier on ladder when he's practically unused in pro scene

    why is he so much valuable in ladder games than in pro games?

    he's tied for win rate with drogoz at rank 1, while in the pro scene I've watched 3 weeks and not seen him banned or used by the top...
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    sorry but no. drogoz hits for full damage at...

    sorry but no. drogoz hits for full damage at range, andro's range is completely garbage. yeah he's a great char if you get point blank but he performs poorly on maps without a lot of flank routes...
  19. deathmatch is pretty fun but I don't like how Siege Mode Scores points

    So I played a bit more of this game and tried out ranked and climbed to plat. Honestly based on my performance (top player on both teams every game for 12 games as viktor) I can probably climb...
  20. will terminus ever be playable in ranked?

    every time I've attempted to play him, I just randomly become stuck in an animation for either his block skill or his axe swing, so I cannot use any skills or do anything while the enemy kill me.
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    can we get an LFG system?

    similar to what overwatch has? being able to guarantee you have at least one frontline each game would be great. Currently I just dodge about 1/3 of my games rather than lose full TP because my team...
  22. Balance in Paladins is so good! My thoughts on current balance of the game

    I'm going to start with that because honestly as an overwatch player, the paladins balance is far far better.

    I'm going to give my thoughts below.

    In my opinion, the biggest problem with these...
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    desired buff to grok ult

    instead of making it an aoe healing ult can we make it an aoe damage ult that requires the enemy to focus grok down?

    like 800 damage a sec in an area around you, grok cannot receive outside...
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    the problem with this is that I have been kicked...

    the problem with this is that I have been kicked and gotten deserter 8 times already from paladins crashing, but 0 times from me actually exiting the game, and 1 time from my internet giving out.
  25. Can we have separate group and team voice chat please?

    the other day, I realized that my friends list is empty and I deleted another friend I had made. As a new player to paladins, you would think I would be adding to my friends list but I realized I...
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