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    Few delays in the game plus others.

    Ever since the update came out I have a few problems that is going to frustrate me to the point of taking a long break from the game.

    1.) First thing is my Launcher... When I open it, it loads...
  2. List of bugs me and my friends found.

    Hello! Recently me and a few other of my friends that actively play Paladins have made a list of bugs we have found. I am sure there is plenty more, but either we forgot about them or we never got...
  3. Sticky: Investigating 1. InfernalSeris 2. Around 5:55 pm MST, Was on...

    1. InfernalSeris
    2. Around 5:55 pm MST, Was on EU
    3. PC

    Extra Info: Was on Competitive when this happened.
  4. Crashing out of Competitive during Champion Screen & deserter + other bugs (ob63)

    I was trying to play Competitive earlier today and I noticed some things started to delay a little bit. Once I managed to get into a game, and during the banning champion, I tried banning Maeve but...
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  6. Hello! I'm Twinkie, Nice to meet you!

    Hello, I'm known as Twinkie or xXTwinkiePieXx, Nice to meet you! My IGN (In-Game Name) is xXTwinkiePieXx and I'm also level 35. I am currently 15 years old.
    I already played about 100 hours on...
  7. Small suggestion to deal with Spawn Campers.

    This is really annoying me and I'm sure some other players are getting annoyed by this too. So in the gamemodes (Onslaught with Primal Court map for example) players, especially snipers can just go...
  8. Keep getting kicked out of matches.

    So, I will try and make this a short explanation. Once I join a match, pick my character, and start playing, While I am In the middle of the match the game would just kick me to the main menu/home...
  9. I would like to see this Deserter bug get fixed soon.

    Hello, so earlier today I got bored and wanted to play Paladins so of course I went to try to join a game, but some how I was not able to press play on Casual, nor I could go into training. So I...
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