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    One thing ive noticed as well is the skill difference in SEA and in AUS. in AUS, rank can give a rough estimation of a players skill. so whenever i meet a person even 1 rank higher than me i get nervous. However in SEA its almost non existent. Gold, platinum, diamond or even masters. Half the time players in these 4 ranks have more or less equal skills. the other half are truly true to their rank

    Apparently theres a limit on visitor messages lol
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    I think it was JuJu who acknowledged the problem here in the forums that there is indeed a problem with SEA servers

    actually. when i started playing, around april-may of 2017, up until last january. I played in AUS servers lol. I thought it was the norm and that high ping and latency was average life of every paladins player. however i've started to notice that almost all of the players ive played with were australians. and then some indonesians. so i started asking around and after a little snooping. i found that ive been playing on AUS on purpose -_- that was around december.

    I felt like an idiot. But i didnt immediately transfer to SEA servers. i spent 1 more month in AUS to tell my in-game friends that i was leaving the server (Weird. Yes. But hey, i had the feeling i wont be coming back)

    And then last january i finally transferred to SEA servers xD the low ping and latency were majestic and glorious xD
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    Although what i heard was that it was the people higher up in the administration who came up with this.

    who knows. maybe he got the short end of the stick when deciding who will announce the useless CU.
    Also. I heard that everything in ob67 is overpowered?
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    Now that I think about it... he kinda looks like a cunt haha. might be biased. since it was his face i saw when cards unbound was released
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    ohhh so that guy is martini hahaha.

    Well hopefully they do comeback its been getting pretty lonely playing alone lol

    We all had our hopes back by one simple announcement from one guy hahaha
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    Hey same here, a lot of my friends left because of CU too (although another reason was that they were graduating from school too lol)

    I hope they come back when CU gets removed I havent announced it to them yet, dont want to get their hopes up.. and in turn, my hopes up for the to come back lol

    I really have no idea who martini is ahaha. I know juju from some videos i saw lol. but yes PRAISE THEE CHRIS!! as ive heard he came from the smite team just recently, and hes been working with the paladins team for only a few weeks yet the first thing he announces is to remove CU im so ecstatic to announce to my friends when it does get removed

    I always thought of Vivian as the most noob-friendly champion. like soo noob friendly that she's friendly to those new to playing FPS or playing pc games.

    and yes... her ass so fine, there are times i go to unbound for 3person view just to stare at her ass
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    The best thing i find with paladins was the deck creation pre CU. that was so fun. There was that day when i spent over three hours perfecting decks for seris alone. I spent another 2 hours perfecting fernando's hahahahha

    Vivian... As. a.. sniper... HAHAHA

    The nerve of some people. it would be better of with viktor... or tyra... or pip... BUT VIVIAN OF ALL THINGS.... hahahahah
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    Lol what. hahahaha

    Well there's apparently a lot of kind of people out there hahaha. I'd understand if your team was lacking damage...but she's a vivian FFS, i dont understand why hahaha

    Also, yeah making people immortal preCU was soooo easy. Now, with the minimum 2 sec cooldown, its hard to do the same lol
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    I only use agony in casual matches lol. and thats when the team doesnt have a frontline or that frontline is someone i have played with and is extremely salty. lol.

    I agree, being a heal-bot, i hardly have time to attack. there was this one match pre CU where i managed to heal over 150k but dealt like 8k damage. HAHAHA
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    Hello fellow wanderer.

    I hardly use agony :/ Mostly because when I play seris my intent is only to be a heal bot lol. I do have some loadouts ready when I need to play support with seris. Its just that i dont have the chance to do so.

    In case you are wondering, I use seris as heal bot mainly because its with seris that I learned how exactly a support is played
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