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  1. People were abusing it, we disabled it.
  2. Wait, did you seriously make it so that I'm no longer able to -rep people?
  3. WHAT NO, I didn't do anything xd
    Btw, I want you to like give a troller a warning like this one: If you do that one more time, I swear to god that you will get banned.

    And he will get super scared, that's a good thing
  4. I became a moderator? OMG!

    I must ban you then!
  5. Omg, when did you become a moderator? xD
  6. Why ur not replying back
  7. Yeah forums = Internet
  8. No, only in the forums.
  9. She was your internet wife?
  10. I know not of this Miminette person, I only know Mumminette. She was my forum waifu.
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