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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! I'm pretty new to shooter games but ever since I started playing them I've always enjoyed sniping... I play Nessa and strix, but I enjoy strix now simply because he's more versatile in long and close range combat... But I have four different Nessa skins so I have to play her sometimes... And I agree that Nessa has no burst so she's kinda obsolete at the moment because she's fun!
  2. finally sorry for the multiple messages this apparently allows for only 1000 words per post
  3. Strix's main problem is that he has low movement speed and his escape can effectively be countered by illuminate. Also his escape can't increase his movement unless he has the card that does it.

    Kinessa's problem is that she has low survivability, her teleporter is bugged and she is one of the few champions with an almost useless q ability and if flanks lockdown an area she has almost no ability to help. Also all her legends give her the same playing style with her porter just improving her speed slightly
  4. The only problem is how easily they can be steamrolled in either a bad team or team with good flankers.
    Kinessa used to be able to handle close range fights with her scope but the player base especially in the competitive scene got tired of her being able to corner camp and lower tier players found the increased scope zoom to help their aim for long range attacks.
    If unbothered or left alone both snipers can dominate a match but with the insane movement speed some champs have and lack of fast burst Kinessa has, she can barely survive most encounters with skilled flanks. Strix however can adapt pretty well to situations and with his stealth and burst he can basically become killing machine even at close range.

    Snipers at least from what Walla said (and I agree) aren't meant to change the tides of battle alone in a battle especially when fighting skilled enemies. They tend to finish off low enemies from far away or burst down medium health enemies.
  5. Wow I can't tell you how many times I have asked this question to others even Wallachia who has talked with devs about the snipers and various other characters in the game. Currently Strix is the superior of the 2 snipers with decent dmg at range and up close. Kinessa is the worst sniper in the game currently since characters like cassie can deal her dmg in a faster time and actual mobility.
    So in all honesty I think both snipers are awesome characters I love playing both and some of my happiest moments in game has been playing these snipers. They have the ability to change the tides of a battle and rip apart an enemy's backline.
  6. As a nessa main (I'm guessing ofg your avatar) what is your honest opinion strix or Nessa
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