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  1. I'm not sure tbh, but I hope so! We need all the feedback we can get
  2. You guys are awesome do you know if or when they are going to put the test maps on Xbox one? I'd love to be as part of helping the game grow
  3. Thank you so much
  4. You should now have enough to purchase an emporium chest
  5. It is undeadsqueek
  6. What is your gamertag?
  7. Hey I've seen ya help some people with there free emporium chest roll, I've been playing for almost two weeks now and haven't gotten my free roll,i play on Xbox one and I've relogged a bunch of times, I love paladins though it's really my new favorite game, arena style with first person is so awesome it's hard to stop playing I'd really like that free chest roll, I've already bought a few colossal chest, trying to collect stuff like crazy lmao let me know if you can help thanks for your time
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