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06-03-2016, 01:18 AM
I am looking for a group to jump in with. I would like to join up with some hardcore players. I'm pretty consistent when playing with randoms, however I would love to join a team. I am a pretty big team player as in If I jack your kill I'm honestly sorry about it. The last time I was on a competitive gaming team has been a while so I would love to run with a group so I can get the feel for it again. I do have work, and a family so practices and such will have to be scheduled. I can be a night owl so later practices would be better.

Weekdays: 5 pm Central
Weekends: Any Time (However Sundays I will request no real late practice due to, I have to travel to work every Monday.)

Means of Communication: (If your means of communication are not on the list just let me know, and I will try to get it.)

Team Speak (I do not have my own server on here, so It would have to be yours.)

Characters I Run


Champ Stat Averages

(My averages very due to the fact that since I'm running with randoms I do not know if I will be
playing a tank with a non take character. Now like I said these are averages so they are not my highest)

Kills: 9-15
Deaths: 2-5
Eliminations: 13-21
Streak: 5-10
Solo Kills: 4-6
Damage: 20k-34k

Kills: 11-15
Deaths: 0-3
Eliminations: 15-28
Streak: 13-20
Solo Kills: 3-7
Damage: 26k-40k

Kills: 6-10
Deaths: 5-7
Eliminations: 15-28
Streak: 3-8
Solo Kills: 2-5
Damage: 24k-45k

(This whole thing was a kind of just a random thing for me to do, so I do not have screen shots of my previous games atm. I do plan on getting some soon so I can prove my averages.)

06-06-2016, 12:32 PM
my IGN is mesophase i added you in game.