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11-17-2015, 08:05 AM
Hello! Some of you might recognize my nickname me, but chances are that most don't.

I'm Alejandro Dan, also known as Malvodion, "An AoS/MOBA player, WC3 overenthusiast and SMITE Wiki's main contributor/admin.". I've been playing videogames for many years, though I'm not that good at them. :o

I've been doing voluntary work on several sites, including the SMITE Wiki (http://smite.gamepedia.com/Smite_Wiki) for the last two years, adding information, images and sound files for everyone else to see and listen to, turning it into one of the most regularly used SMITE sites on the net.

Lately I've been working on the Paladins Wiki (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Paladins_Wiki), so that people can have up to date information and content about the game from the go. Paladins is a pretty fun game, and I want to see it grow like SMITE.

I don't have much else to say about myself, my life isn't too exciting.

Well, I hope everyone has a good time with the game, if anyone wants to add me I'm Malvodion (like always). See you in the realm. :)

11-17-2015, 08:53 AM
Thanks for keeping everything up to date for us and welcome :)